Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A change will do you good

So the chicken coop arrived today, which is just as well because the chickettes are all over the shop. They have started to claim the whole garden as their own, and are starting to take pot shots at some of the plants. Of course the incessant rain meant that I was unable/unwilling to construct the coop today. Olly and I wandered out briefly. The garden is starting to look a bit bedraggled. The wind and rain are knocking the sails out of the plants, and even with a bit of staking and tieing most of it looks a bit floppy and sad.

On the other hand the Delphniums seem to be gearing up for a second showing of their beautiful blooms, the Dahlias are in full flow and the honeysuckle that was bought from Poundland (how much is this?) is snaking its way through the clematis and should be fab next year. But my absolute favourite is the Nicotania, which pumps out an unbelievable scent in the evenings. It was completely worth getting soaked just to be able to take it in. I wonder if it's ever been bottled....

I have made a wish list of bulbs for planting next month. It's not an easy task. They are so many plants I would love to put into the garden. However I am learning restraint, planning, design and no impulse buying!

You may have noticed my floral bag. Cath Kidston sale. Bargain.

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