Monday, 6 August 2012

Not Only but Also

Well hello and how are you?

These photos bear no relation to the weekend, which was a round of ferrying children, Olympics frenzy, wet feet and lots of tea.

The chickettes can now escape their compound, but the coop and run arrive tomorrow. I have amused myself by running round the garden with Olly, while they follow us. We now have three running routines; the chicken run, the Octonauts run and the Olympic run. Olly does most of his running in the nude. I don't.

We also played poo sticks at Tehidy Woods, and I felt like Snow White surrounded as I was by ducks, swans, squirrels and various birds eating out of my hand. If only they could help me do the housework too.

And a few more things:

I have re-discovered my affection for The Style Council.

I am trying not to eat any bread-based product for a week.

I have a new omlette pan.

I have had to dig up my last sunflower because a snail had chewed through the bottom.

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