Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ode To The Car Boot

My first car boot sale as a seller. An experience to cherish.

There was the Book Man, purveyor of limited edition volumes of lesser known authors and books about orchids. I was worried that the fag he had constantly dangling from his lip, would engulf him and his books in flames.i

There was "Kevin" who took about an hour to lay out his wares. He was a snappy dresser to say the least. I think he set his prices too high. I don't think he sold anything.

Kevin's mate sounded like Arkwright, looked like a Steptoe and was looking for jewellery. He didn't look very far - he stayed with Kevin for most of the morning. Maybe that's why Kevin didn't do so well....

There were a lot of people on crutches.............does the car boot do that to you?

My favourite was a man who "negotiated" a price for an item, and then produced a wad of twenties to pay for it. I have my suspicions that he was Car Boot Mafioso.
Karen was descended upon before she even got her stuff out of the car. It was terrifying - all hands rummaging with a frenzy I'm not used to seeing at seven in the morning. She was engulfed and didn't recover properly from the experience for the rest of the morning.

I couldn't believe that anyone would want to haggle over a fifty pence Beanie Baby. After what I witnessed today, I'll believe anything now.

I made a few bob though.

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  1. I love the car boot! I did it once and was so traumatised that I had to eat several bacon baps.