Monday, 17 June 2013

Daring To Dream

"You are never too old to set another goal,
 or to dream another dream."
(C S Lewis)

Do you have dreams. Are they pipe dreams, or are you trying to make your dreams a reality? Or have you done just that - gone for the dream. Just went for it, and made it a reality. Well Marc and I have dreams. We dreamt that one day we'd live by the sea. An opportunity came up, quite unexpectedly, and we went for it. The odds were stacked against the move working, but it did. it has. Here we are in St Ives, living the dream.

Except not quite. Because for one of us, the dream is a weekend pit stop. In order to live here, Marc works away through the week. He does it without complaint. He loves the fact that his boys are growing up down here, even if they don't always appreciate it, or take advantage of the open spaces and freedom St Ives is able to give a child. We live within walking distance of beaches, hills, countryside and cliff top adventures. It is all that we could ever hope for.....

Lately we have found ourselves wanting more. We have found ourselves missing each other more. Marc misses whole chunks of family life, and I know that he finds it hard. He wasn't able to be present at any of the scans when I was expecting Olly. He has seen maybe one school play. He doesn't get to help the boys with their homework. He misses those every day things, the stuff that creates depth within a family. We have started to dream about another possibility. One that could take our family in a whole new direction, with Marc along for the ride full time.

Oh I know we are so lucky. To be living in a place like this at all is a dream come true. And nor do we think that we are more deserving than anyone else. In fact I can think of several people close to me that deserve their dreams become a reality. I should tell you that my husband is one of those people. He is a good man. He deserves his dream to become a reality.

We want to own our own campsite. But we also want to develop it into a place where families can come on holiday and collect their own eggs in the morning from the chickens that we will have. We want to develop a kitchen garden, so that there could be seasonal produce available. We want to give these families a wonderful holiday. We want to do this together - a husband and wife team - while we are still young enough to go for it.  

We visited a site on Saturday. It was perfect. Marc spoke to the bank today. It is out of our reach. Marc is gutted. I feel a little more pragmatic. Not that I want it any less. But because I know that somewhere out there is a place that we will call home. There is a place that will tick all the boxes, and welcome us in. We will have our lodges and our chickens and our roses round the doorway.

Because we are daring to dream.

Leanne xx


  1. I think it is important to have dreams and also work to making them come true. How disappointing that site you visited was out of reach financially, maybe it was not meant to be. We have had for many years a dream to move to Devon and live by the sea. My husband has recently had health problems and that has put a big dent in our dreams, but hopefully we will soon come up with new ones or find a way to achieve it.
    Sarah x

  2. It sounds like a wonderful plan Leanne and how perfectly matched you two sound, I am sure you will make it a real success when you find the right spot. Dreams are super important. We dreamed a couple of years ago of leaving busy town / big school life behind and moving our boys to the countryside. We sold up and bought another place in just such a rural idyll but our sellers pulled out. We went for it anyway. Drew a circle around the boys' new rural school and found a place to rent. I am so glad we did it. Life is so much better when you dare to dream and those dreams come true, even if slightly changed from the original plan. If its right, it'll happen x

  3. What a wonderful dream. Keep it in sight, never forget about it and I am sure you will achieve it. Good luck to you both.

  4. Oh so close......... It will happen! I can really relate to this. We actually had the dream and then lost it for a couple of years and now we have it back again. Many ups and downs, stress, sacrifices..... but we got back here in the end. Be open and the right thing will come. Mel x

  5. What a wonderful plan! I can see it being a tremendous success. Please don't give up on your dream. The right place at the right time at the right price is sure to happen. It also might be a matter of finding the right person at the bank, someone who can see the potential in your dream.

  6. Ooh how exciting! Somewhere right will come up, it will. I'm so excited for you. If anyone could make a kitchen garden work it's you Leanne! xx

  7. I've just popped across from Cheryl's My Little Piece Of England blog as I noticed your comment about your dog. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel too, though Archie's a blenheim. I've scrolled through your posts but haven't found a photo of your doggy yet. Don't give up on your dream just because you've come to a dead end this time. It just means that this place wasn't meant to be and somewhere out there, your dream is waiting for you. Good luck.

    1. Ooh she is here amongst the posts. Every walk I take she is trotting beside me. My friend ahs two of her brothers - one being a Blenheim. They are gorgeous dogs. xx

  8. Sounds like a wonderful and realistic dream. You'll get there when it's right, and maybe we could be staying there one day :) xx