Monday, 20 July 2015





That first scalding cup of tea. Drunk in bed, early in the morning before the boys are awake.

The agapanthus that grows outside my front door.

Honey's nose. It's exactly the same shape as a tulip.

When Olly is lost in a game, or concentrating on drawing.

Walking across dew soaked grass to peg out the first load of washing.

This song

Peanut butter on toast.

Seeing something you've never seen before. On Saturday I saw a leaf cutter bee flying with his leaf.

Clean children in clean pyjamas.

Grubby children with mussed up hair and sun kissed cheeks.

A camp fire.

A cold bottle of beer.

Reading in a warm, sunny room and nodding off, just for a little while.

A clean and tidy house.

A handful of beach treasures.

Putting your arms around the man you love.

All the windows open.

Singing along.


A list may be a cop out for a post. But I'm in a list kind of mood. I have written several this morning. Four actually. I really should be doing, rather than to-doing. I am in a thinking mood. Digesting the weekend, and looking forward to the long summer holiday. I am planning and day dreaming. I'm not getting much done.

Eeh, it must be Monday.

Leanne xx

I'd love to know one of your perfect things.


  1. I don't think a list as lovely as that is a cop out, one of my favourite things is climbing into bed at the end of the day & spend half an hour in peace reading a book. Hope you have a lovely week x

  2. I loved your list. It made me think, too. I also so love your photographs. What a truly beautiful place you live in. It makes me want to go to Cornwall Right Now :o)
    As I am typing this a little Jenny Wren just hopped into the house, looked at me, bobbed in that way they have, turned round and hopped back out. That's one of my Perfects xxx

  3. I am a list person but now the big kids have all flown the nest but list making is some what shortened now. I have lots of lists at work though as I am of an age that if it doesn't get put on list chances are I will forget. Heyho isn't getting older just fantastic.

  4. Awhhhh I love lists like these, so much better than a sainsbury's list any day...
    you made me smile and I love that song too...
    bestest daisy j x

  5. I love a list!!! I made a couple this morning myself as well! I also love that very plate rack which I also happened to share a photo of today! Talk about coincidences! xx

  6. I thought that plate rack was the one I saw in Amy's post today. We've holidayed in Cornwall five out of the last six years but we're going elsewhere this year, I shall miss it. One of my perfect things is getting in to a bed made up with fresh sheets.

  7. The perfect list if you ask me as are those photos of the most simple and beautiful bits of your life! Keep on dreaming today my friend and happy summer to you! Nicole xo

  8. I loved these photos, Leanne. A perfect thing to me is a dark, cloudy sky and distant thunder after a long, hot and sunny day.

  9. I'm a list lover too. Even have a book on my shelves called Lists To Live By, for when I run out of things to list and want to read someone else's. One year, mid-December I lost a list and it was akin to losing my mind. Sorting and gathering our thoughts is such a pleasant thing that I think I would add that to The List.

  10. Where is that 'window' through the rocks? It looks like the same one as on the Poldark title sequence.

    1. It's at Tintagel. I'll have to check that out now. Amazing place, even if it was ridiculously busy.
      L x

  11. Lovely blog, lovely photographs, lovely thoughts, enjoy your summer, send some sunshine and warmth this way please :)

  12. Beautiful photos as always. A dog walk.....that's my perfect thing. I take in colours, plants, the sky, things I'd never before noticed especially the changing seasons.

  13. Cornwall in summer in the sun would have to be one of mine. But day to day, lighting a candle each evening at dusk.

  14. There you are, Leanne! Glad to see you back here. What wonderful photos - love Olly looking through the rocks and the blue hydrangeas. Share many of your list likes, Crunchy peanut butter and banana and toast for me.

  15. perfect indeed. x
    my perfects - the first cup of tea, tumbling into a bed of clean sheets, sleeping children, the first day of the holiday excitement, a completed list ( a very rare occurrence!)

  16. What a lovely post and such beautiful photos. A list like that is a lovely thing to read first thing in the morning. I like to see my littlest boy lost in concentration too. Have a wonderful summer Leanne. CJ xx

  17. Gorgeous photos and list! In my journal I often use the some of the prompts in this list (scroll to the end of the of the blog post to see the blank list)
    Some of my perfects are similar to yours (hot, hot tea in bed before the boys wake and peanut butter toast!) but a good fish and chips on one of our wonderful Aussie beaches would have to rate as pretty perfect too!

  18. Your list and images made me smile they are perfect! Sarah x

  19. It's not a cop out, it's a bloody good post. That first photo is especially lovely. My perfect thing would be blue skies, all day every day. It can rain at night. Xx