Tuesday, 6 May 2014


My Mum, my nephew Billy, Pops and as about as much of my sister that she would allow on camera

 Hello Lovelies.

Good grief but it's been a tad hectic around here. I have been rather absent blogwise this past week or so. So much to do, so little time seems to sum it up nicely. I hope to have a lovely catch up with all of your news this evening, but I'm dashing this off now while Pops is eating lunch and watching Despicable Me 2. Last week saw me go mad in the garden, complete my first (paid) gardening job and visit my family in Bristol for the bank holiday weekend. The evenings found me pottering in the evening light, and enjoying being outside until late.

I don't have a favourite month, but I do really love May. The hedgerows are waking up and putting on a show. My garden, too, is waking from it's slumbers and the perennials and herbaceous plants are starting to grow apace. West Cornwall is getting busier but it still feels like it belongs to me. I'm not ready to hand it over to all the summer visitors just yet.

We also have a lot of birthdays in May. The first being my Dad, who was seventy at the weekend. Marc and Sam also have birthdays this month, and so I am frantically trying to find suitable gifts for the pair of them. I must admit that I struggle with gifts for the men in my family. Men don't do frou frou, which I think is very remiss of them. It's either power tools or reference books here (yawn).

Pops and I had a brilliant time in Bristol. I only realise how much I miss the city that I was born and bred in when I return. It's a wonderful, vibrant place. And spending lots of time with my Mum, sister and nephews was the icing on the cake. We see so little of each other. I miss them very much. Pops had a ball with his nephews, and charmed the pants off of everyone else. Four is a great age to be cheeky and get away with it. He was sad to leave too. I was struck by how confident he is. He threw himself into cuddles and conversations without a hint of shyness. My older two have never been as outgoing, and I am revelling in Olly's outgoing personality.

I am also aware that this carefree life of ours together is now limited. September, and school is ever present in my mind. Only the other day I was thinking to myself that I should pop into the school office to buy a couple of school jumpers and polo shirts for him. The idea of him in uniform makes me feel so sad. To be shackled into the system at so young an age. Hopefully we will have a cracking summer here in the UK, and Pops and I can pootle off, and enjoy what's left of our time together.

Enough with the maudlin. I am needed. I made the mistake of buying an Alice Melvin cut out and make menagerie. A project for Pops and me. Except it's ridiculously fiddly, and I'm close to throwing it into the recycling. Hen, tortoise and owl are finished. Only an arkful of animals remain.

Leanne xx


  1. Hi Leanne. I agree, boys are boring when it comes to present time. Any sports equipment stuff? "Proper" trainers (in my Sam's language that means branded)? A man can never have enough power tools, particularly if they can be used to help you attach frou frou to the wall etc. Well done for finding and finishing a paid gardening job! I was in your shoes last year, my baby started school in August. It is just so sad to see them go but also great at the same time. I am not a big fan of school uniform (never had one myself). Ooops, I can smell dinner burning, better dash! Good to see you back Leanne and I am glad you had a great time with your family. Christina xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend and your photos are lovely xx

  3. love the ice cream joy on their faces and yes i too feel September looming! x

  4. Well done on the gardening job! I hope that it is the first of many for you. Do you remember the giveaway seeds that I won from you, well, they are coming up!!! You must have sent some special gardening magic with them as I don't usually do well with seeds. Thank you so much. I will post some pics at some point! Glad that you had a great time with your family, and I hope that you have lots of happy times before the start of school in September! It will be a big change for all of you I'm sure. Good luck on the present buying - men are so hard to get things for I agree!! xx

  5. My littlest one is very outgoing too, he always calls out hello to anyone he recognises, has a chat with the other parents and makes friends at the park, and finds out all about them. It intrigues me how he is like that! I'm glad you had a good time in Bristol, I hope you were holding an ice-cream too while you were taking that photo! I had the exact same feelings when my littlest was in his last year before school. I hung on to every single precious moment. No doubt you will too, and I do hope there are some really amazing ones. CJ xx

  6. Lovely pictures, I'm glad you had such a great time in Bristol with your family. My boy goes to school in September and I too can feel it getting closer. Lets hope we have an amazing summer first! xx

  7. Yes, fingers crossed for an amazing summer. It will be hard to let go of Olly but then you'll have a different kind of day, a different kind of routine, and once you get used to it you may find you love it! You can always homeschool him you know... ;-) (sorry, bit mischievous of me!) xx

  8. Lovely to see pictures of Bristol . Glad you and Olly had a good time with your family. I'm sure you will make the most of the next few precious months. Sarah x

  9. Lovely weekend. It looks like you made the most of the extra day. I'm sure you'll have a great summer and make the most of every out of school minute come September! x