Monday, 3 March 2014


  1. Potting on the pixie lupins. Olly is now an accomplished gardener, needing very little help. He understands that the seedlings need to be handled with care.
  2. Shop bought Daffodils. I love watching the tight buds start to unfurl and flower during the course of the day.
  3. A gift from Mum. She saw me eyeing up this pretty trio and gave it to me before she left to go home.
  4. As I was filling up the kettle for my morning cup of tea, I noticed that the Iris had finally come out to say hello.
  5. Clematis Montana waking up again. I can hardly wait for it's beautiful floral display.
  6. There has been sunshine. 
  7. Olly and his friend Archie. A play date, a plate of fruit and super hero adventures.

March is a transitional month. Officially Spring, although it may not really feel like it for several weeks yet. To us at least. I love March. Everything comes alive again. It's time to get out there and soak it all up. I just wish this rain would stop.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post. It's a big deal, selling up and moving on. We are not moving far. I could never leave West Cornwall. There is a magic to this place. It's got under my skin. Exciting times lay ahead. After the stress of buying, selling, packing, unpacking and persuading Alfie that catching a school bus won't psychologically damage him.

Most of our my free time has been spent getting the house in order. My camera hasn't come out to play for days. I sit down to write, but there is nothing much to tell. I have so enjoyed reading your posts though. And welcome to new followers to this blog. You are very welcome here. This topsy turvy world of mine!

Leanne xx


  1. I love March, too. It is a turning point in more than one way I think, with the beginning of Spring being the best! My Montana is either dead or a little behind yours. I love the romantic cup and saucers, please tell your mum she is a star! Mine is coming to visit soon.... (ever so hopeful!). I was hoping you might be tempted to move to the West of Scotland.... but of course, I would not want to leave if I lived in a place like yours, either. Lots of opportunities to meet lady friends on the school bus.... Cx

  2. I also love March. I didn't when I lived in a colder, wetter place but it's squarely spring where I live now. Your garden is going to be beautiful as always. That little iris is so pretty. I used to have one just like it but it never blooms anymore. I think one of my children must have dug it up. I have a pink hyacinth which is just sending up its first shoots from the ground right now and I'm hoping this will be the first year my daughter lets it live; in the past, she sees the pink and wants to grab it and that's it for the flowers. Ah, children. :) I hope you're having a good day and that this is a good week for you too.

  3. March looks like it is being much kinder to you than it is to us, at least so far. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday! I love the cup and plates your mum bought for you. And the flowers are lovely.

  4. Oh that trio! Takes my breath away!

    rachel x

  5. Ollie looks such an experienced gardener! It feels so much more like Spring this week. It is a pleasure to be outside! Sarah x