Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hello there!

A bit of housekeeping.

My blog will be going through a some changes over the next few days. I have enlisted the capable hands of Lou from Little Green Shed to give it a make over. I am very excited. I've no idea how it will look (although I do hope my huge circular mug shot currently on display is temporary). The poor girl has a very wordy and rambling brief, but I have every faith. So watch this space...


Yesterday while driving along the back road from Penzance, I noticed that the Gorse had started to flower. All along the hedgerows were pockets of colour. A vibrant yellow that sang out amongst the green and brown of the road and surrounding coutryside. Even though it is only January, I am impatient for colour. This hardy moorland plant puts on a beautiful display at just the right time for me. 

Today we have had an electrician doing work, which means being without power for half of the day. So Olly and I went out. We had some errands to do. On the way home we went looking for the gorse, and a place to have a stomp. We went to Trencrom Hill. The gorse was out in abundance. Huge bushes that have been twisted and bowed by this exposed site. It's a tough plant.

We were lucky that the squally weather broke into sunshine while we were there. We had fun stomping to the top, and jumping around the huge stones that lie piled on top of each other. The wind was whipping around our faces, but the sun was bright in our eyes. It felt so good to turn my face towards the sun, and feel it's warmth on my cheek.

Standing on top of Trencrom Hill you can see St Ives Bay on one side and Penzance on the other. It is a stunning view. There were Buzzards wheeling around over our heads, and we saw a couple of Rabbits too. It does feel a little like standing on top of the world up there. West Cornwall is so rugged and sparsely populated. I love that. The space. The beauty of it's landscape. I don't think that I will ever become blase about where I live. It is a special place.

I spent most of my time warning Olly not to run, because the ground was sodden and the rain water was running down the hill. Of course he took no notice. Children just like running, don't they. They run because they can. They run for the pure pleasure of running. They run because they have the breath. Yes he tripped and stumbled. But he didn't fall.

I did. I fell. Or rather I slid onto my derriere and drove home with a wet behind.

Leanne xx

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  1. oooo so excited to see what lou does! she was one of the very first people i connected with when i began blogging! your walk and pictures look sublime xx

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I'm glad to see gorse up close and personal because I really didn't know what it looked like. I've read about it a lot, in various novels when I was an English major. I can't wait to see your blog, how exciting! You made me laugh with the mug shot comment. I've been annoyed with photos of myself and took mine away entirely for the moment. Blah...tired of my own mug.

  3. Did you know you can make gorse ice-cream? A foraging friend of mine made some and it takes just like coconut! Lou is v.talented, I follow her blog too so I'm sure she will do a fantastic job - can't wait to see the new design :-)

  4. Love that penultimate shot, with the old mine and beautiful beach in the background. That says Cornwall to me.

  5. I can't wait to see your new blog design! I am hoping to get mine revamped within he next month or two as well. I love gorse. Well, I love looking at it. Falling into it while hiking not so much so! :-)

  6. What a lovely place to go for a stomp. I miss having a little man to have adventures with during the day. Beautiful gorse, it feels like the start of something. I've always loved the look of your blog Leanne, your photos are always wonderful. I hope the rest of your week is good, CJ xx

  7. I like your mug shot, you look very happy. Have you noticed that little children's legs seem to run faster than the rest of the body? I want to move to Cornwall, it is just beautiful there. I can't wait for our summer holiday on the Roseland peninsula, caravan booked and deposit paid.

  8. I hope that you get the electrics sorted out soon, then you won't have to go out and get soggy any more!! Looking forward to seeing your bloggy revamp, I think that your picture looks lovely, but I understand that peering at yourself is not something that is for everyone!! Says she who has a house as her picture!! xx

  9. Lovely,lovely pictures. How exciting to have a blog revamp. Will look forward to that x

  10. I can't quite believe how mild it is where you are compared to us, seeing gorse bushes in bloom already. I don't normally expect to see those beauties till the middle of march around these parts. I must add it has been snowing today. I love your photos of your walk and it so took me down memory lane of going climbing with my man, oh how we use to love it and in fact it was at the bottom of a crag that we got engaged. It doesn't get more romantic than that. I am clearly reminiscing today as the gorge bushes also made me smile as both hubby and me have had some fun with mountain bike incidents involving gorse, shall we say, it was less pleasant! Gorgeous photos as always and I am really excited to see what your blog turns into. I really need to spend some time on mine, it is just so time consuming and I am pretty rubbish at it all. Wishing you a very happy weekend xoxo

  11. Gorse is funny stuff, there was tonnes of it growing where I went to school and over the years the naughty girls had carved little nooks out here and there which we used to sit in hiding from teachers and smoking cigarettes!

  12. I am impressed that Olly is such a good walker! You'd never get my two up that hill without lots of moaning and bribery. xx