Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December Sunshine

Our weekly walk along the Towans. A beautiful day. Fantastic surf. Bright light. Blue sky.

I'm wondering whether to go for a swim on Christmas Day?

Leanne xx


  1. It looks beautiful there. Is it warm? It looks very warm. It's somewhat warm here at the moment, but will be colder again by the weekend. All those boys, they look just the same as boys here.

    1. It was lovely and warm in the sun. Olly would have stripped to his underwear if I had let him! xx

  2. Again, you have made me long for the sea. A Christmas Day swim would be particularly bracing I think. You would probably feel that you deserved all of the good food and wine after that. If I was there, I would join you. (So easy to say that, from this safe distance.)

  3. Oh, the beach in the winter, you can't beat it. It's turned cold and sunny here after five days of very mild but also gloomy and damp weather. I'll take cold and sunny any day. A swim on Christmas Day - are you mad? I meant to say - your new blog header is amazing - the light in each photo is incredible, just perfect for winter. xx

  4. Leanne these photos are amazing. I know I have said it before, but I am going to say it again, you need to do something with these gorgeous photos. I am routing for you going for a swim, pictures please!! xoxo

  5. You are a brave woman! Lovely photos as usual.

    Nicola xx

  6. Wow it looked quite stormy near the lighthouse. It was quite rough one evening when we were staying there, Does that part of the coast always get the highest waves. I wish I could have joined you and Olly on your walk.
    Sarah x