Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Days Like These

Dear reader,

If you looked closely at the pictures in my last post, you would have noticed a magnificent winter wonderland. Be-decked with lights, a completely over the top and not at all to scale mad Christmas offering that was my pride and joy. Look:

I had such big plans for it. A cast of thousands were to be paraded within this hallowed Scandi shelf. Look again:

Is it not beautiful?

Factor in one three year old, who got out of the wrong side of the bed, and my winter wonderland was razed to the ground in seconds. For the next half an hour or so, I really didn't like this little boy. My edible angel displayed the sort of behaviour normally reserved for busy supermarkets and post office queues.

But the little boy began an immediate damage limitation exercise. He hastily glued and stuck and fixed and arranged. He told me he loved me. He cuddled me and said sorry. He came up with this:

What do you do?

Tell me what would you do?

Leanne xx


  1. Aw, he did a good job. I completely understand how frustrated you must have felt, though. I'm having a heck of a time with my daughter this week. I think each day has been worse than the previous one so far. I felt like running away from home this afternoon. It must be the time of year. I hope tomorrow is better for you and Olly. :)

  2. Your winter wonderland was beautiful. I'm sorry Olly ruined it for you, but I see a lot of love in the wonderland he resurrected. I think you should leave it just as it is. It has a lot of character, and you will never have another winter wonderland constructed by a three year old. :-)

  3. I think it is lovely that he wanted to fix things and make them right again!

  4. Oh Leanne, we have moments such as those as well. And then they are regretted. So hard to learn self-control. But how sweetly he has tried to make it all better. And how impossible to be cross any more! Nothing quite as lovely as a cuddle from a little man.

  5. This incident will be placed in the memory banks forever. The Christmas when you had perfection,devastation and a new perfection all in 24 hours.
    I would let it gently rest there. And, give him a cufddle back. Perhaps Olly has learn that even when you do a destructive thing you can make it better,say sorry and move on. Lots of love to you both xxx

  6. Oh dear, that's not very nice for Mummy, but it's bound to happen with small people around. Personally if it happened here, I think I might have huffed for a minute or two, the kids would have known that I wasn't happy and then I would just let it go, give them both cuddles and move on. These little things can really get to us, but they are just little things and really in the big scheme of things they really don't matter. I thought it was beautiful and I also like Olly's attempt to make it better too. Deep breaths. xoxo

  7. I know it's awful of me but I love to hear tales like these as it makes me think I am not alone! My two are highly strung. overtired and run down right now which makes for a joyful combination...tantrums galore.

    Bless Ollie for fixing the damage. It's heartbreaking when they behave like that but also totally normal! x