Monday, 25 November 2013

Upside Down

Hello all. Are you well?

All is well here. Apart from dust and disorder and stuff all over the place. The joys of decorating I guess. It's halfway there. Sam has moved back into his room. It's like he never left. Really. Apart from clean white walls, he has strewn himself all over the place. Were you a messy teen? I wasn't. I needed order. I still do, which is hard when you have three marauding boys.

Highlights of our weekend included the weather, which was glorious. The sun was beautifully bright, and lying low in the sky. It shone through the Autumn leaves; a kaleidoscope of colour. We took Olly to the park on Penzance prom. He loves the park. I was struck by how much he's grown, as he flew up the climbing frames and played with the other children. Running around in his winter coat and hat, all red cheeks and clouds of breath.

And then there was The Day Of The Doctor. We are huge Dr Who fans in this house, and have followed the series religiously since it returned to our screens. We sat around the television together jumping up and down with excitement. Quite literally in my case. It didn't let us down. Did you watch it? Sam is particularly excited with the announcement that the actor who will play the thirteenth Doctor is Peter Capaldi. A legend in this house for the portrayal of a foul mouthed government spin doctor in The Thick Of It. Oh we love a bit of political satire here!

As usual it wasn't all plain sailing. But that's life. I can be stoic about it this evening as I sit here tapping away while the boys are all ensconced in their rooms. But by God there were times this weekend that I felt I was in a war zone of sibling strife. Marc and I have had words (again). I've given up trying to appeal to their better nature. I went for the jugular as a last ditch attempt to quell the non stop arguments. I used guilt tactics and threats....


Sadly my neighbour, William, passed away last week, and I am going to his funeral tomorrow. He was 91, and cut a dapper figure with his Panama during the summer months. His wife tells me that he died peacefully, surrounded by family. I shall remember fondly him telling me the story behind the purchase of their house, and his stories of serving in the Merchant Navy during the Second World War. He was proper Cornish, and would greet me with "Hello my girl!" in true Cornish vernacular. God bless you William.

Leanne xx


  1. I am so sorry about William. He sounded like a wonderful guy. How sad. I can only imagine what the fighting is like with big boys like yours are; it's bad enough between my two who are still small. I hope it settles down, at least for a little while. I was a very neat teen myself, yes. I would get up at the crack of dawn on the weekends to change my bedding and dust my bedroom. I know, what a dork. When I went to college and lived in the dorm, my roommates probably thought their mothers had moved in with them. My issue is that I hate clutter. I feel like my entire life has been a never-ending battle against piles of useless junk!

  2. So sad when you lose a older friend who is also a character and a link to a past that will be lost. I had a very wonderful ex-Londoner neighbour who used to boom "Wotcha" which used to scare the bejasus out of me if he was behind me on the stairs. It was just his greeting and a nicer and more supportive man you could not have found especially when my Mum got ill and he was there for both of us even though he was a few years older than her. Thanks for reminding me of him.

    I was your antithesis and still am, chaos is my friend!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your neighbour, he sounds lovely. I know what you mean about needing order - I do as well, and I'm also not keen on loud noises. Not much order or peace and quiet with three boys though. I loved Thick of It too, Peter Capaldi made that series, he's wonderful. I hope your decorating is finished soon and you can get back to normal. No doubt it will all be worth it. Beautiful photos, how I love to see the sea. I look at my littlest boy at the moment and think how he's grown too, he suddenly looks taller. Hope you have a good week Leanne.

  4. Sorry to hear about William, he sounds like a lovely man and I am sure he added to feeling at home in Cornwall. May he rest in peace. Leanne I must say, you have missed your vocation, or you need to embrace it, you are amazing at taking photos and I honestly think you need to do something about it. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed Doctor Who. We haven't been fans here, but there is a part of me that wishes that we did get into it. Will it be too late to start now? I am sorry to hear that you had more struggles with the boys, I do hope that it all settles down at some point, as it must feel a little turbulent. Good luck with the rest of the decorating, I remember what is was like here last year when we knocked out a wall and then later in the year added a conservatory, it's pretty chaotic and the dust just gets everywhere. Beautiful beautiful photos!! xoxo

  5. Wow I love the colours and the waves in your first image it is fantastic! So sorry to hear about William it must have been a privilege to have had him as your neighbour.
    Sarah x

  6. Hello Leanne. Your photos are so lovely. The colours run through them so well. I have got two daughters, both married, and as children they were reasonably quiet. I have got three grandchildren, two boys and a girl. The difference is that it is easier to deal with the noise when they all go home at the end of the day! Sorry to hear about your neighbour, that is sad news x

    1. Hey Jacky, Thanks for stopping by. Maybe girls are quieter than boys?!

      Leanne xx

  7. Your neighbour sounds ace. We don't live on a very neighbourly street. Everyone is pleasant enough, but never friendly. (Meanly, I accuse them all of being Daily Mail readers in my head, so alert to "non-locals" they are...)

    We are not Doctor Who fans but I think The Thick Of It may be one of the funniest TV programmes by a mile. We love it, and Peter Capaldi - no-one swears like Malcolm Tucker. xx