Friday, 23 August 2013

So Here I Sit.....

....while the chicken roasts in the oven. I should probably prep the veg and peel the potatoes. Probably. Marc is in holiday traffic somewhere on the M5. We may never see him again. Olly and Alfie are asleep - well they did get up at 3.45am. It's along story and contains scenes of an unpleasant nature and bad language. Let's just say from now on I am kick ass Mum. No more. End of.

Thank the Lord for the sunrise and it's beauty. Thank goodness that I am (just about) able to capture a bit of ordinary loveliness from the mess of our early morning. This is me. Holding on by my fingernails to sanity.


Thank you for all your comments on recent posts. They warmed the cockles of my heart, they really did. I have written this week's fledgling garden post, but am not happy with it. Do you mind waiting? We are off to Wales on Sunday in Betty (did I tell you that the couple that hired her out broke the bed...), and I am looking forward to some boys own adventure stuff involving kayaks, bikes, castles, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Clearwell Caves, frosty mornings and chilly nights.

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Today's Stuff. Hey! It is a good blog name!!

I may be here again before that. You know me.

Leanne xx


  1. Sorry you ad such a ad start to the day. Hope you did not reek your revenge on one of your chickens and one of those is in the oven.
    Have a great weekend and I still like your " stuff"

  2. I like your stuff too Leanne.I bet you will be so relieved to have Marc home and I hope you have a wonderful few days away.

  3. I think it's a great blog name. I hope your spirits improve, but I understand. Summer vacation doesn't always feel very much like a vacation. I had to laugh about the bed...bad for you, good for them? :)

  4. Oh Leanne, 3.45am, that's painful! I hope Marc is home by now. It must be wonderful for him to finally get home and shut the world out. You must be headed to my neck of the woods on Sunday I think, I've climbed the Sugar Loaf and been in Clearwell Caves. Hope you all have a really good time.

  5. Whatever you feel, you put beautiful pictures on your post today. I hope everything is OK. Have a nice weekend.
    Endah- Indonesia

  6. Hope Marc got home and enjoyed his roast and being back with the family and gives you a break. Have a great time in Wales we love the Sugar Loaf Mountain so hope you have captured it!
    Sarah x

  7. Have a lovely time with Betty x (If I had a camper or caravan I've always thought I'd call her Flo, because that's what I'd go with as I travelled.)

  8. I love the dappled sunlight in your pictures.

    Have a lovely break,

    Nina x

  9. Such beautiful photo's and what a lovely post to come back to after my hols. Love all the photo's and also love the new blog header, but must say miss seeing Betty. Enjoy your trip to wales and what sounds like a fun filled week away. Always happy to wait for anything from you my dear xoxo

  10. What stunning photos! You caught that light perfectly although I am sorry that you had such an early (and stressful) start to the day.

    I've been enjoying a lovely catch up through your posts, by the way. Blogging friends are like real ones in that I miss them and miss seeing what they've been up to! :-) xx