Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Home Comforts

Hello lovelies. How are you faring today? Are you up and at 'em, or wafting around in your pj's?

So, do I chance it and take the dogs and boys out? It looks like rain, but there is a warm breeze and every now and then the sun peeks through the clouds. I have numerous mundane tasks to do today. I have done some, and probably shouldn't be on here at all. But the boys are watching a DVD together, and I know that the morning is going to merge into the afternoon anyway. So why panic?

I've already decided that we are going into town this evening. For chips and evening beach play. One of the best things about living by the sea, is that there is no rush to get down to the beach first thing, nab your place (and I have heard that the west end of Porthmeor has very disgruntled locals complaining about holidaymakers and their windbreaks...) and then make sure you squeeze the last drop of fun from your holiday.

I like that I can pick and choose. The boys like the park, the woods, their bikes and other non-beach related stuff. The sand and sea will still be there this evening. Or tomorrow. Or the next day. The boys love being at home too. They are all quite attached to their living space, and I remember when I was young I was contented just to be home during the long summer holiday.

I had my bedroom. My sanctuary from my brother and sister, and where I was surrounded by all my things. I had the garden which had a tree to climb, and old sheds where we made dens. The railway bridge embankment to the side of our house was full of overgrown brambles and plants, which was heaven for a nature nerd who happened to love Blackberries too.  My Mum was a constant fixture. Always there. Either in the kitchen, or chatting to neighbours on the front step. We were always allowed friends in to play. I would write plays and direct them in the garden. I loved to write, and filled the pages of those A4 pads from Woolworths with my stories and poems. I loved to draw too, and would copy illustrations from my books or try to draw what I saw around me.

I watch my children and they are no different to me at their age. Not straying far from the nest. Making sure Mum is in their peripheral vision. Safe in the knowledge that things are how they should be. Going about their business. Content. Happy. As it should be.

Leanne xx


There are photo heavy posts on the way. It's really all for my benefit; lots of images that I want to record before they get wiped from the camera. Hope you don't mind the indulgence.

Oh and if any of you wonderfully clever people can tell me how I get those fancy buttons for bloglovin, email etc, I would be eternally grateful. Thanking you xx


  1. I love your new header! I got my buttons here:, uploaded them to Flickr for hosting, then used this tutorial,, to add them to Blogger. You can also Google "free social media icons" or similar to find lots of other premade icons. Hope that helps. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I will try and navigate myself through it. Did I also mention that I was computer illiterate?! xx

  2. Hope you managed to get down the beach this evening. The rain appeared here late afternoon ans it hasn't been nice enough to get down to the beach here!
    Sarah x

  3. Love the new look to your blog, it's wonderful, clever you. Great photos of your home as well, it looks lovely. I know what you mean about it being nice for the children to stay at home sometimes. I like not having to tell mine to hurry up at all. And they do play beautifully in the morning. It does all tend to melt down a bit after lunch though... I'm afraid I can't do anything technical or fancy at all, sorry I can't help.

  4. Jennifer had to tell me how to do my buttons, and John had to sit next to me and help me make them work - I am pathetic and not much help I'm afraid. Your new header is lovely. I enjoyed all the photos of your home, it looks like a happy place. xx