Saturday, 31 August 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 37/52

Hey there! Is it as nice where you are as it is where I am? The sun is shining and a healthy breeze is blowing. Perfect "drying washing after returning from camping" weather in fact. And oh it was glorious in Wales. Stunning in fact. Beauty everywhere. It was so green and lush. The hills rolled majestically and the valleys sang like the proverbial male voice choir. I was engulfed in nature, and my mind waxed lyrical the whole time. In fact as soon as I got home, I rooted out Dylan Thomas (I forgot to credit his poem on yesterday's post) and indulged in his wonderful poetry for an hour.

So here I go with my happy things from this week. Joining in with Jen and her lovely series.


We visited Cardiff Museum on our last day in Wales. It's a wonderful place, and has an extensive art collection from 1500 on. There was also a Pop Art exhibition too. The boys went to see the dinosaurs, and I had a delicious bit of alone time with the art. Of course you can't photograph them (although that didn't stop me from trying. My inner rebel still rises to the surface from time to time). But you can buy a postcard. I literally love postcards. They remind me of my teenage years when I had Monet's Waterlilies and Brat Pack movie postcards blu tacked on my bedroom walls. Six for £2.00 from the museum shop.

Denim Jacket

Do you ever 'lose' favourite items of clothing, and then re-discover them again languishing in your wardrobe? My denim jacket is ancient. I have had it since I was a student in the early 90's. You can dress it up or down. It will never look dated. It is still cool. I wore it out today, and for the first time in a while I felt a bit like a funky Mamma!


I came back from Wales to a tumble down garden. It is all looking a bit bed head in the morning out there. But there are still new pops of delight coming into flower. There are Hollyhocks, and some beautiful late Dahlias and Salvias. And these; Rudbekia peeping through the feathery leaves of of the masses of Cosmos. So pretty.


You know what a nature nerd I am. While in Wales we saw Red Kites, Buzzards, Dippers, Stoats, Shrews, Beetles, Butterflies, Bats, Dragonflies to name but a few. The boys loved all the different kinds of Fungi, and I snapped these in Dinas Nature Reserve.

And that was some of the happy from my week.

Here's to enjoying the rest of your weekend.

Leanne xx


  1. I love all your happies. That really is fun, finding a piece of clothing again. It happens to me most winters, when I find something I thought I didn't want anymore the year before and pushed it to the back of the closet. Then I spot it and want it again. It's something different every year. It pays to never get rid of anything. :)

  2. Wonderful. I'm a nature nerd too. Glad you had such a good time. Glad you're back too, I have missed your posts! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend Leanne. I'm going to look for my denim jacket now...

  3. Such lovely happies and gorgeous photos. Really enjoyed that poem! There is something very special about a denim jacket I know I have had mine for donkies and could never do without. Plsed you found yours again. Happy week lovely xoxo

  4. I love my adopted country, although the landscape here in the north of Wales is quite different to that in the south. It looks and sounds like you had the best time :)

  5. Hi, your happies are lovely; I've just had a scroll through your previous posts, you do take some beautiful photos!

    1. Oh thank you. That's also made me happy!

    2. Oh thank you. That's also made me happy!

  6. Hello again lovely!
    Looks like a fun time getting the last drops of summer! I've been wearing my denim jacket lots these past few weeks. It's about 13 years old - I bought it the first summer I was with Mr P. Good old faithfuls! x