Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Best Laid Plans

Saturday. Olly has been poorly since yesterday tea-time. Lots of projectile vomit. Mostly over me. It's my turn to do the sofa shift, while Marc goes sailing.

It's OK, because I had a couple of hours off this morning. Me and my sister in law did a little sales shopping. St Ives has been enveloped in sea mist for a couple of days now. Go a couple of miles up the road and it's sunny. Here is the harbour taken with my phone from a restaurant balcony. I had a latte, Karen had a mocha. We both bought the same bag from the Cath Kidston sale. Red polka dot. Handsome.

Although that isn't Karen and I, it may be in a few years time. I hope I will favour red slacks.

Rewind to Thursday. Sun! So we went to the beach for lunch. Olly had fun on the rocks, at the water's edge and playing with his cars.Taken with my phone. I keep leaving the memory card for the camera in the computer

The weekend hasn't been what was planned. No barbecue. No sand castle competition. No potting on my Broccoli or Beetroot seedlings. No matter. These things happen sometimes.

Here's hoping that you have all had a lovely weekend.

Leanne xx


  1. I'm sorry, Leanne. I hope Olly feels better soon so that you can all enjoy the rest of your vacation. I hate when things like that happen. I'm glad you got out and a little shopping is always good. I just did some Cath shopping myself - online - for things that my husband will give me for my birthday in the fall.'s the only way I can guarantee that I will get things that I really want. The sale prices were good and she has lowered her shipping rate to the US, so win-win. :)

  2. Oh poor little man. My littlest boy had that a couple of weeks ago and it was not a happy night. In fact he said to me towards dawn, "This was the worst day ever!" Hope your little man is all better soon. I shall be heading to St Ives soon - I can't wait, I do so love Cornwall.

  3. Hope he is feeling much better today Leanne. We went to my brothers birthday barbecue last night and my 6 year old niece had been vomiting the night before.She was out like a light bless her and didnt really do much other than lay on the sofa! Very unlike her!
    At least you managed a couple of hours of you time for shopping.

  4. Sore to hear that little Olly is poorly, it's horrid when they have these kind if bugs. I hope your shift went ok. I so enjoy seeing st Ives and what a perfect lunch on the beach. Sometimes it's tough when our plans fall apart, hope you have a much better week xo

  5. Poor Olly. I hope he feels better soon, and that you don't come down with whatever bug he has been hit with.

  6. Poor little man.. Hope he feels much better soon. Thank you so much for such a lovely welcome back xxx
    Love linda

  7. I'm sorry your weekend didn't go to plan. Hope Olly is feeling better now and you can have more fun on the beach again as you did on Thursday.
    Sarah x