Friday, 7 June 2013


This morning I had some errands to run, and as I drove over the back road to Penzance I thought about all the kindness that has been around me this week. I have been treated to lunch, I was comforted when I became unexpectedly upset at my monthly book group. My Mum has been visiting, and has been quietly helping me with ironing and babysitting. 

I had woken up feeling really flat. My mood was low, and I was tetchy and irritable. And yet it was another beautiful day here in West Cornwall. The hedgerows along the journey were spectacular, and my week so far has been great. I had a blub (like you do) and felt better. Much better. 

Sometimes the kindness of others can overwhelm me. I don't always feel I deserve it. I am a person full of imperfections. I am not always a pleasant person. I can be quite a shrew at times. And I have spent several years keeping people at arms length, after being hurt by someone I trusted.

But I am learning to try to accept the kindness shown. To enjoy it even. I am trying not to let it overwhelm me in a way that I find unmanageable. Here are two other acts of kindness that have touched me this week.

Last weekend I had a parcel from Linda at Chalkys World. You may know her blog? She had told me that it was on it's way, but I totally overwhelmed when I opened the parcel and found this gorgeous crocheted bunting that she had made, along with a book mark showing a map of West Cornwall. So thoughtful. The words she had written inside the card I have re-read several times. I have never met Linda, although we have corresponded through our blogs. It was an act of kindness that touched me deeply.

Thank you Linda. Thank you very much.

Yesterday evening, Olly came running in from the garden to tell me that he had found a "baddy bee." He took my hand and we went outside to investigate. There was the bee, lying on the decking looking as if he had just taken his terminal breath. Olly wanted to "save the bee," and so I nudged the poor thing onto a piece of paper and we put him on the Hesperis.

Olly was engrossed in watching this little chap, and I was thinking how lovely it was that he wanted to help this creature (after book group discussions around children and animals, I admit I did breathe a little sigh of relief too..). All of a sudden the bee started to buzz, and wiggle his rear end. Then without warning he started to fly and feed from the flower. Olly and I clapped and cheered "We saved the bee! We saved the bee!" I grabbed my camera, and took a couple of quick snaps. And then the bee flew away home.

It was a spontaneous act of kindness from my little chap who loves the creatures that visit our garden. I gave him a great big squeezy hug and told him the was the best bee boy ever!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Leanne xx


  1. I think you are a kind and sweet person. You're funny and smart too. I hope you know these things about yourself. Your personality, and your goodness, come through in your writing. That was very nice of Linda to do, she is a very special lady. I know you will enjoy the bunting. How sweet of Olly, he is such a wonderful little boy.

  2. I agree Jennifer. I am so glad that you both rescued that bee and please remember the bunting is just sent on its way to remind you that you bring a lot of joy to others with your wonderful photography xx

  3. That's so sweet Leanne. You seem like such a lovely person and yes, as Jennifer says you are smart and funny and as deserving of kindness as anyone. We all have our shrewish side - I know I do! Enjoy your weekend lovely. x

  4. I love this post! I think you have expressed feelings we all have at one time or another. And I love how you and your son saved the bee! :-)

  5. What a lovely Post. I feel the same sometimes Leanne, it's OK and I think it's totally normal actually :-). But what a gorgeous package from Linda - so thoughtful! The kindness of blogging friends never ceases to amaze me. Take care :-) Mel x