Friday, 3 May 2013

Road Trip!

Just a quick pop in to let you know how giddy with excitement I am this afternoon. Tomorrow we are off for the bank holiday weekend in Betty. We are staying here. Not too far away from where we live, but hopefully a lovely relaxing environment for the kids (and us) to play. We plan to take in the Bodmin Steam RailwayPadstow, maybe Eden Project (we have return tickets) and cycling part of the Camel Trail. The weather looks promising too.

I have packed enough marshmallows to sink a ship, because we can have open camp fires at the site. There is beer for the grown ups. I have baked flap jacks, sunshine shorties and muesli bars. The van is stuffed with blankets and big cosy throws for chilly evenings under the stars.

My bag is packed with book club book, the new Mark Haddon, a magazine and my journal. It's a very optimistic pack - you just know my bag will remain untouched! It is only a weekend camp after all. It's also a trial run for France in July. We are enthusiastic but slightly nervous campers!

I can guarantee that I will bombard you with tales and pictures galore. So as as the line from a popular comedy here in the UK goes "bear with." I promise not to get too carried away.

So have a great weekend. Think of me bearing a torch, guiding a child to the conveniences at some ungodly hour.

Leanne xx


  1. It sounds absolutely perfect to me and exactly what we loved doing when are three were little
    Love Linda

  2. Sounds as if you are going to have the most wonderful weekend, and the weather forecast for once is lovely warm sunshine!!

  3. Have fun! Sounds absolutely lovely! xx

  4. Replies
    1. I love Betty! Have a great weekend -am very envious. By the way I love your blog header photo.

  5. I love your camper van! Have a great weekend, and enjoy the toasted marshmallows.

  6. Have a lovely and adventurous trip by the Sea.. I will look forward to seeing all your lovely vacation photos when you get back home.. Hugs Judy

  7. Hope you have a lovely weekend away, I would love to have a Betty too!
    Sarah x

  8. How fantastic. Have a wonderful time. Do you all sleep in Betty?? Or do you have some kind of awning or tent. Just wondered. xx

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