Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blowing Out The Cobwebs

Thank you for all of the comments on my recent posts. Betty is soon to be repaired, thank goodness. It was also really interesting to see what some of you had to say about testing in schools. And hello to Leanne, my namesake! I have been rather neglectful this week, but Sunday evening will see me having a read of all your lovely blogs. I'm very much looking forward to it.


So this week has been a mixed bag of wind, rain and some sunshine. It has seen Sam have his official last day at Secondary school, and Olly start his first proper swimming lesson. Sam came home deflated and sad (I think). Olly came home in high spirits. It's always a challenge finding the simultaneous balance between the differing responses and requirements that my children need from me. Often I don't seem to quite hit the mark.

In many ways it gets harder as they get older. They become complex puzzles, and I seem to spend ages trying to fit the prices together, realising all too late that what I thought was a bit of sky was actually a bit of the ground!! Olly is pretty uncomplicated, being in the here and now for most of his day. His wants and needs are simple to fulfil. They include spontaneous gestures and a small element of planning. The daily household chores - a trip to the supermarket for example -  is fun, if it's played that way.

I am currently at a bit of a loss with Alfie, who is changing from boy to adolescent at a rate of knots. The hormones and the temper are hard to deal with. His seeming lack of respect at times is just upsetting, if I'm honest. I often wonder where my Alfie has gone, and who has replaced him. And yet his love and joy at being with Olly tells me that he isn't quite ready to let go of his younger self yet.

Sam has his close friends. They are his go to for all manner of stuff. Of course they are. But I am still there hovering in the background. Feeding, watching, worrying. I annoy him with my constant "are you ok" and knocking and entering his room for no other reason than I just want to see him for a little while.

Some pictures from my walk yesterday morning. I went with the idea of taking some pictures of Sea Thrift and Pink Campion in an attempt to link up with Lou at LittleGreenShed, and her Nature In The Home series. I've been following it for a while. I have taken some shots (I nearly fell of the cliffs attempting it), and have just got to link it in. If you haven't seen it, you must. It's lovely, as is her blog.

This weekend has started in a very lazy fashion. I feel it may continue to do so, although I am planting out and taking the boys for a blustery walk along the cliffs. This evening I am out with some girlfriends. I feel like Morrisey.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Enjoy your evening out, I think it'll do you good! Fabulous photos. x

    1. I did enjoy my evening out. A little too much (my head...)

  2. Nice photos, and that one of the bird on the stone thing (gravestone?) is fantastic. I love how you share your walks with us.

    I don't have teenage children yet so I can't offer you any advice but I suspect you are a brilliant mum and if you stopped fussing after them they would miss it in an instant. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  3. Your photos are wonderful the one of the sea and the sky is amazing!
    I think having teenagers can be so difficult,there was a period when I could do nothing right. Now they have past that stage they are back to appreciating their home and family. We just had to try and weather the storm which wasn't always easy.
    Sarah x

  4. Your photos are lovely. I don't look forward to the teenage years, though I'm less worried about my son than I am my daughter. If her current emotional life is any indication, I don't know what I'm going to do. Yikes.