Wednesday, 15 May 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 23/52

Firstly thank you all so much for all of the lovely comments on the past couple of blog posts. It's so great to hear from you, and I've had my ego massaged big time! I usually try and reply to any posts, but I find it better to visit and comment on your blogs. So that's what I shall do this evening.

Talking of which, St Ives is bathed in beautiful evening sunshine. So different from the rain and wind of yesterday. The weather is certainly keeping me on my toes. The sky is blue and even though there are a few cotton wool clouds floating about, it's the kind of evening that you want to sit on the beach with a bottle of beer, watching the boys chase in and out of the surf. If it's like this tomorrow, I think that's exactly what we'll do.


Here are four happy things from my week. Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie.

A Girls Night Out

Last Saturday I went out with some friends for a meal and a drink (or three) It was a great night. As I have got older, I have definitely become more solitary. I like my own company, and no longer feel a huge need to surround myself with chums. However I do really enjoy the times that I do go out. I enjoy the banter and the laughter. I love the one to one chats. I really enjoy the odd sneaky ciggy (I know that I shouldn't. but I just do). Sometimes there's nothing else quite like a night out with the girls.

Feeling The Burn

I finally joined the gym this week. I have been twice so far, and have signed myself up for lots of classes, including Zumba, Pilates and Spinning. I feel really good about taking control and getting back into exercise once more. I was really pleased that I was still reasonably fit and supple. This evening I have that all over ache that comes from exercise. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed it!

Olly & Tigger

Olly's favourite thing to watch at the moment is Disney's Tigger Movie. It's a blessed relief from Thomas The Tank Engine, I can tell you. The weather was so awful in the UK yesterday, that all hope of going outdoors had vanished. So while I got on with some boring chores, Olly chilled out on the sofa and watched Tigger find his family tree. I love the look of absorption on his face, and the way he has made himself all cosy with blankets and cushions. You may or may not agree with using the television in this way, but I think it's good to just zone out once in a while, be it child or adult.

I do apologise......

Sharing The Gardening Love

Today I helped a friend garden the front of her house. She lives in the centre of St Ives, in a lovely Victorian terrace that has a raised area at the front. It is a total sun trap, and she has three beautiful Arum Lily plants growing there. They are often photographed by passing tourists. If you follow the link here, you can read all about it. She puts it much better than me! (Although I must say that I only threw slugs onto the roadside. No worms were harmed).

And that was the happy! I hope you are all having a good week, and if you find the above photograph of myself  at all disturbing, please be assured that I don't usually look like this. Quite often it's much worse!!

Leanne  xx


  1. You're so funny. I feel the same way about replying to comments; I would so much rather read everybody's else's blog and comment on their posts. Plus I'm a no-reply blogger so nobody sees my replies anyway. Oh, well. I love your happy things. Olly certainly looks cozy under his blanket, he makes me want to snuggle on the couch with a movie right now!

  2. love it! We need a monthlynight out for sure xxxx

  3. You are funny! Your posts make me laugh. Love that last photo of you. And I'm very relaxed about tv time in this house - I refuse to be precious about it. x