Friday, 26 April 2013

Lightning Seeds

The 'long short' walk with Honey this morning, and I came across my first Bluebells. Not the Spanish upstarts that dwell in my garden, but the real mcoy. English Bluebells with their down-turned heads bobbing in the breeze. At least I think they are. Maybe those Spanish ones have got me fooled.

It's pretty breezy today, and the clouds are scudding along. But there is blue up there, and bright sunny sun.

Dandelion clocks. And although you can't see them, there were a host of Goldfinches feeding amongst them. I tried to get a photo, but they were too quick for me.

In the garden there are flowers and growth and a lot going on. It's going to very busy and not at all organised or defined. It may look fab. It may look a mess. It's a waiting game now.

Is this a nettle? I should probably get out that book I bought for a bargain.

A bank of white. Superb.

It's just like Sissinghurst out there!!

I can feel a good weekend coming on. I am having a lie in tomorrow apparently. Don't tell anyone but I intend to read. Not sleep, read.

Here's hoping that you have good weekend too!!

Leanne xxx


  1. I like to pretend to be asleep when I get a lie in (rarely) as I like the feeling of being off duty so much. :-) x

  2. We've just had a sudden downpour here and the sky is rather grey looking. I love Bluebells, one of my favourites :) xx