Sunday, 21 April 2013

As Bill Withers would say

This weekend I have eaten breakfast and lunch in the garden. There were birds a plenty singing for their supper.  The mating season is in full flow in my back garden (for the birds at least...), and all of a sudden there seem to be pollinators everywhere. The plants have just needed a few days of sunshine to get their growing mojo. It's all going on, as they say.

The first Anenomes of the season


Plum blossom

Clematis Montana



And so to the beach. The sailing season has started, and Marc was out in the boat for an afternoon of racing in the bay. Me and the boys went to Harbour Beach to soak up some sunshine. After living here for nearly twelve years, I have the beach bag down to a fine art. It has to be light enough to carry long distances and yet still be able to cope with any given emergency.

My bag contains the following:

change of clothes (Olly does like to throw himself into the sea)
sun cream
plasters (too many stubbed toe experiences to count)
flask of coffee (I'm not paying £2.00 for a badly made Cappucino)
book - the new Tracy Chevalier
Assorted toys - mainly diggers
travel mat - in case the sand is damp (it wasn't)
snacks - fruit, raisins
Ice ream money for well-behaved boys

(I'll let you into a little secret. I always get flustered at the start of beach season. I am not a laid back Surf Betty. I don't relax easily, and seeing as being on the beach is all about the chill-out factor, the beach bag is my safety net. If I have a well stocked bag I can cope. Daft, but true).

It was heavenly. The beach wasn't too full. The sun stayed out. The boys played those simple 'old fashioned' games where make-believe and a lot of running about are involved. I even read a couple of chapters of my book. Now that's a first. Samuel even popped down later in the day.

And the ice creams? Moo Maid. The most delicious ice cream on the planet!

Olly & digger. 

Marc and the boat

An old boy makes these lobster pots to sell to tourists

I hope you all had a great weekend too!!

Leanne xx


  1. It sounds like a nice day at the beach! I know how you feel about packing the bag; we don't have a beach to visit but we go to the pool a lot in summer. Your plants are looking very nice.

  2. Hi Leanne, I do envy you living so close to the beach. I instantly feel lifted by a day at the sea.

  3. Oh, it looks lovely, it really does, and makes me miss the sea. I love to be near boats and sand - a childhood of sailing and sandcastles has left it's mark. How wonderful to be able to raise your kids so near the sea. x

    Thanks for your lovely comments about my photos by the way! I feel a bit scared doing a post about them as I am not really sure what I am doing with a camera, but the feedback from you made my day. :-)