Wednesday, 17 April 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 19/52

Hello to you all. It's a lovely evening here in St Ives I must say. Clear skies and the wind has dropped. There is a blackbird singing his heart out. I can't see him, but my goodness it sounds beautiful.


It leads me quite nicely into this weeks four happy things, following the lead of Jen at Little Birdie (and also Gillian, although she has stressed that the happy should be attributed to Jen).


Alfie returned to school this week. The tree outside school reception had burst into it's annual showy display. It's branches are laden down with blossom every year, and this in turn emphasises it's beautiful shape. Blossom is fleeting. A strong wind can blow it all away in an afternoon. But it's a glorious thing to witness.

Sweet Pea Candles

I'm not a huge fan of scented candles. Their scent is too cloying for me. But I make an exception for these. I buy them from M&S. They are floral, without being too overpowering. They actually smell like sweet peas. They are my substitute until I can gather bunches of the real thing from my garden (they are happily careering up the wigwams in the greenhouse, so I have high hopes this year).

Charity Shop Finds

This week I have found this wonderful book. I have a pocket wild flower book, but this is A4 size and the photographs are amazing. I was pouring over it earlier this evening while Olly and Alfie were bouncing on the trampoline. It only cost fifty pence!!! Can you believe it?

I also found this bowl. Look at the delicate water lily motif and it's colouring. The underside says it is Crown Ducal pottery. I have been looking it up on the Internet, but can't give this a date. I think it might be 30's or 40's because of the colour. It cost £3.00. Another bargain, wouldn't you agree?

A Day Out With Sam

Sam doesn't go back to school until tomorrow, so I suggested we hang out together, and he agreed! I was chuffed, because I assume that it must be pretty dull hanging out with your Mum when you are nearly sixteen. We went to Truro, and went to Waterstones book shop, and had a wander around the town. It started off with him being very quiet, and me stressing that it was all going wrong. But after a coke and a chocolate muffin in the Waterstone's cafe, he perked up (funny that) and we had a lovely time.

I think that was my best happy this week. When your children grow older, they do grow away from you. Sam is usually just beyond my reach. That's okay. It's how it should be. But I so loved having fun with him, talking about politics and "what would you do if you were in charge of the country" type of thing. He even enjoyed Radio 4! My work is done.

(The pictures are Truro Cathedral and a window in the city library. I tried to take one of me and Sam, but he was having none of it. C'est la vie).

There you have it. Happy things!

Take care,
Leanne xx


  1. Once --- so many,many moons ago a dear friend told me that the best thing a Mum can do is let go -- when the time is right. Wise words and all about timing. Harder for the Mum to judge .. maybe. But you seem to have got it about right.Be proud. be thankful and most of all be glad to have been his special MUM XXXX

  2. Lovely picture of the blossom, we have none out round here yet. I used to own that book it is a great one for identifying flowers. I can't for the life of me think where it is now, must have another look through the bookshelves.

  3. Lovely happy things. I'm glad you had such a nice time out with Sam. :)

  4. he he I have three boys too and have just started serious radio wars with my #1 (obviously I like radio 4 - he keeps switching it to Capital)
    It makes me laugh every time I moan - I can remember the EXACT same conversation with my mum!
    Love how you consider your work done when they appreciate a bit of news...
    fee x

  5. As the children get older and grow away from me days out last this become even more special and cherished. I will have to look out for the sweet pea candle - the blossom looks fantastic!
    Sarah x

  6. Great happy things, especially the fourth. How cool to be talking politics with your son! Bella wanted to talk about Margeret Thatcher at tea time the other day, I was quite surprised!

    I've noticed more and more blossom too, and it's so gorgeous. x

  7. Gorgeous blossom and I love your charity shop find bowl. 1950's I reckon...but I could be wrong.

    Nina x