Wednesday, 24 April 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 20/52

Firstly many thanks for all of your comments on various posts of mine these past couple of weeks. I get a bit over-excited when I see someone has made a comment. Maybe I should be ultra cool about it, but to be honest it makes me feel good. And welcome to you who decided to stay around. You are very welcome here.

Do you know I am a very happy soul this week? I am. Truly. I am in the realms of the glass half full. It's a good place to be. The sun has shone. For a bit. And I'm sure will shine again. My list of things to achieve in April is coming along nicely, and I hope to devote a whole post to it soon. I have found the bit from my sewing machine (please don't ask where. It's a little embarrassing). And I had a lovely natter with a couple of holiday makers on the beach earlier.


Is it okay to be scared of the contents of your greenhouse? I am of mine. All of a sudden there is a lot of potting on to do. There is a lot of stuff growing madly. I worry that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Literally. I would like to give some away, but I want them all to go to a good home. One that will look after and cherish them. I actually do feel that protective of all that I have grown from seed. Sad, but 'tis true!

So the happy. Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie. My four happy things that I have chosen this week.


 If you live in the UK, it would appear that this series has gripped the nation. I loved it. I love a good police drama. I love the "all is not what it seems" aspect of it. I loved David Tennant and Olivia Coleman. And I can't wait for the second series. I watched the last episode last night. I cried. I had goosebumps. I felt anger and disgust. I was left wanting more. Do you ever really know someone? If you can watch it on catch up, I would recommend it.

World Book Night

Was last night. Here are some current reads. My book club read is not there - 'The Observations' by Jane Harris. I stayed up too late reading The Last Runaway. I am really enjoying it. I bought 'To Kill A Mockingbird' when I went to Truro with Sam last week. I read it many years ago. I'm very much looking forward to reading it again. Books make me happy. The feel. The smell. The promise of being transported someplace else.


Picked from the garden. Smell divine. Sat by my bed. A shot of glorious colour to wake up to. Flowers make me very happy. Even more so now I am a gardening nerd!

Busy Birds

The air is full of birds mating, courting, singing and feathering their nests. I have tried in vain to get a picture of the Sparrows that are nesting in the hedge at the front of the house. No luck. The same for the Wren that visits the palm tree to eat insects.

I bumped into the Seagull when I was out walking the dog last week. He means business, don't you think? And this morning I noticed this Blackbird perched in the Lilac bush . I grabbed the camera, and quietly opened the front door. He didn't move for ages!! I got quite a few good shots of him. I think that's a Crane Fly in his mouth. Perhaps he's feeding babies.


Yesterday was St George's Day, the patron saint of England. He slayed the dragon, which represents Satan and/or The Roman Empire (according to Wikipedia). I never knew that. I am a terrible patriot.

There's a lot made about afternoon tea in England. But I want to big up that cup of tea we enjoy as a nation mid-morning. Tea-break tea. The 'after you've finished the ironing' tea. The 'I'll be round at about 11ish' tea. The 'oooh fancy a cuppa' when out retail theraping tea.

My tea - builder's strength. No sugar. Dash of skimmed milk. Current favourite mug. Tea bag. No infusions please. Yorkshire Tea I accept no imitations. Just so you know.

And that, my friends, is the happy.

I'm off to have another cuppa. And then I'm potting on. Wish me luck!

Leanne xx


  1. I take my tea EXACTLY like you, even down to the skimmed milk. I will accept Clipper or Tetleys if no Yorkshire is available.

    Leanne, it's most inconvenient that we live at opposite ends of the country as I'd love to pop round to yours for a mid-morning cuppa (especially as you clearly make a good cup of tea!) and relieve you of some of those plants in your greenhouse.

    Love your bird shots, by the way. That one of the seagull...brilliant. I'm surprised he can see where he's going! x

  2. Whereas I am any decent tea bag, black and a sweetener! But with a piece of Bread Pudding I made today, at 11 it was scrummy! Personally I like the daffs shot, my favs at this time of year too, but usually in my kitchen window, lets hope the warmer weather really breaks through soon, to be able to enjoy a cuppa on the patio? Xx

  3. I have to have sugar in my tea, sorry. But I do like it very milky and skim milk is fine if that is what is available. That stack of books looks great, enjoy. I would love to watch that show, I absolutely love TV dramas from your side of the pond. I think you have excellent TV over there.