Friday, 22 March 2013

It's Not All Plain Sailing You Know

Whoo hoo!

Marc is on holiday for the next week. Since starting his new job in Gloucester, he has been away four days a week, returning home late on a Thursday. It's been quite tough for everyone as we get used to the changes that this brings.

Olly really misses his Daddy, and often asks where he is and when he is coming home. That's hard sometimes. I just reassure him that Daddy is at work, and will be home soon.

Sam misses his TV buddy. Both of them share a love of British comedy. They bond over Mitchell & Webb, The Thick Of It and The Inbetweeners. I gather that quite a few man to man chats have been had while staring at the TV screen. I retreat upstairs, and listen to their guffaws

Alfie needs a firm hand, so although he wouldn't agree, he misses the discipline his Dad bestows. I am far too soft, and he knows it. Alfie is a boys boy, and is very good at pushing boundaries and running me ragged!

I miss the company. The support. The shared responsibility of parenting. And the break from being a constant parent. I often refer to myself as a part-time single Mum, because that's how it is for us. It's challenging at times, and tiring. But this is what Marc and I do so that the children can grow up in St Ives.

We think it's worth it.

What sacrifices do you make for your family?

Leanne xx


  1. I didn't realize you had three boys. I thought you just had the younger two. God bless, you have your hands full while he's away. Oh,, so many. We live a very simple life. No cable TV, no mobile devices, rarely eating out, used cars, used clothes when we can get them (even for me)'s worth it to us. My husband travels for his work some too, so I understand being alone with the kids. But we do what we have to do.

  2. quiet nights in so they can have dozens round for sleepovers, early nights to bed so we can get up at ungodly hours to pick them up from parties, letting watch what they want to on telly. testing them for their exams, having turkey tonight so Martha and her boyfriend can have the steak in the fridge.....

  3. It must be hard for you but you have a goal and looking forward to that I should think is something that will keep you going until you get to that point. xx

  4. That is such a lovely photo! You are doing an amazing job running a house and family alone four days a week.

    When Angus was baby John had a long commute each day and would generally leave home at 6am and get in at 7pm. That was tough. I did meals, bathtime and bedtime alone a lot. It's better now he works nearer to Leeds. But we certainly have less disposable income than our friends, run one car not two, and haven't had a holiday abroad since Bella was a baby. (Although, saying that, we are going abroad TWICE this year!) x