Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lists - 6/52

Hello there!!

So it's Saturday morning, I'm about to have my third coffee of the day, Olly and Daddy are snuggling on the sofa, Sam and Alfie are still comatose upstairs. It's grey and brrrrrrrr outside. Guess what I've been thinking of?

Birthday Wish Lists!!

It's not that I am a greedy want, want, want kind of birthday girl. When you have children you accept the shift in attentions, and I love planning for their special days. In fact, Olly is three ten days before I turn forty three (gulp), and we are very excited about his special day, and all the lovely bits he will have.

But I always have a lust list on the go. Do you? You know the kind of thing - books you would like to buy. Or that lovely piece of frou frou that you saw here and here. I was struck by how much my frou frou requirements have been replaced with much more practical  and dare I say it - grown up lusts. The passing of the years has seen me look away from the pretty earrings (far too impractical with young children pulling at them all the live long day) and towards things that are useful for everyday family life.

So my birthday wish list.

However a kiss and a pretty card would be lovely ;)

  1. Cafetiere for one.
  2. Electric propagator.
  3. A metal watering can with a rose attachment (a nice colour would be cool. Red? Yellow?).
  4. Blueberry bushes.
  5. Trolley dash through the garden centre (joke).
  6. A new dressing gown.

Leanne xxx

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