Friday, 8 February 2013

Lists - 3/52

I still feel yuck. Sore throat and sore ears. Chesty cough, cracked lips, icky skin.

Poor me.

Boo :(

So a list of comfort.

In no particular order.

Things that pick me up or make me feel supported and sustained anytime I'm feeling low -

be it physically, emotionally or mentally.

  1.  A steaming mug of tea. Builder strength. Yorkshire Tea or Tetley. No infusions thank you.
  2. My Mum's stew. Mum moved back to Bristol yesterday, but left a hearty stew she had prepared before she left. Comfort in a bowl, with a doorstop slice of white bread and butter.
  3. A cosy blanket. I have a crocheted granny blanket that I bought from FOSS for Olly when he was born. It is the best for snuggling under when life is blue or bleurgh.
  4. A son hug. A big enveloping bear hug from Sam. Or a hug before bed from Alfie. Or a squishy squashy nudy hug after his bath hug from Olly. I love them all. There's nothing like a hug from your children, is there?
  5. There's nothing like Marc's words of comfort or wisdom when I'm at my lowest. His love keeps me sustained and full. He is my biggest comforter of all. He accepts my ups and downs. He is always there. I'm not sure that I give as much as I take.
  6. Ice cream. Specifically Haagen Daz Pralines & Cream. If I buy any of this, it's a sure sign that I need serious cheering up.
  7. Laughter. My friend Liz makes me laugh. She is clever and witty and sharp and has a way with words that has made tea come down my nose (while laughing obv. I'm not weird). Neen. She's another one. And Peter. And Jose. And Nikki. And Helena. We laugh remotely these days, sometimes through different time zones. But turning the corners of your mouth up instead of down.....well I wish I could bottle it.

What comforts you?

Leanne xx

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