Saturday, 9 February 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 9/52

Well hello there, you lovely thing!!

It's Saturday night. I am banished to the bedroom while Marc and Sam indulge in a zombie apocalypse. I don't care for the un-dead. I have you, dear blog. I have my seed catalogue. I have a cup of tea.

And I have this week's happy. Brought to you courtesy of Little Birdie and Tales From A Happy House

Shall I get started then?

(Once again grainy photos, but a new camera will be here soon. Yippee!!)

1. Comfort Eating

Did I tell you that I've been feeling a bit peaky? I have found that when one is ill, true happiness can be found in a bowl of stew. Or a steaming cup (not mug) of tea. This evening Olly ate all his tea, and so he was given happiness in a bowl of ice cream.

2. My Spot

When I was growing up, my Dad had his chair. He always sat there. It was directly opposite the telly, and when he stretched out his legs his feet were in front of the electric fire. I coveted the chair. It represented stature and importance. Yes, you could sit in the chair. But you jumped out pretty quick when he came home from work. I decided that when I was big, I would have "a chair."
Obviously I didn't grow up to be a megalomaniac*. But I do tend to sit in the same spot. It is where I have things to hand. It is where I feel most comfortable when I sit down of an evening. It might not give me access to the warmth of a two bar electric fire, but I can reach my cup of tea without any effort.

3. Crocus

The first Spring flowers of the garden have been these little yellow crocuses. I planted the bulbs way back in September. All over the garden, there are shoots and buds popping up everywhere. If you look closely there are buds tightly packed, just waiting for the right time to burst forth and unfurl. And this unassuming orange flower has made me smile every day. When the sun is shining they open up and say hello. I've got down on hands and knees to say hello back.

Have a happy weekend, lovely people.

Leanne xx

*I should stress that my Dad isn't a megalomaniac either. In fact I think it was my childish megalomania that had me covet the chair in the first place. Access to the fire in my house gave one power over siblings....

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  1. I hope you are feeling a bit better?

    I have a "spot" just like that too. I alwasys sit on one side of the sofa rather than the other, next to the reading lamp and within easy reach of whichever sewing/crochet/knitting project I am working on.

    Gillian x