Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What was, will & may be


A good year, I think.

It was the year I started to write here, and share some of the stuff me and my family get up to.

It was the year I got the gardening bug.

It was the year I started to make that  noise when I got up from sitting down.

It was the year that I started documenting my family with lots of photos


These things I know.

Sam will finish secondary school, and Alfie will finish primary school.

Olly will start nursery.

I will keep gardening, with more adventurous plans and schemes.

We will take Betty all over the place - to beaches, festivals, friends and abroad.

There will be ups and downs.

There will be those tiny moments of joy that makes it all worth it.

Book Group will continue to be one of the best night's of the month.

These things I hope.

That Sam does well, gets a summer job, lives a little and gives me at least one sleepless night.

That Alfie changes his mind about rugby.

That Olly sleeps through the night every night.

That I attempt to write...something.

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