Monday, 14 January 2013


Now that I have two eggs a day from Beryl and Jean, I either give them away, scramble, boil, poach or bake with them. I have resolved to try and use them creatively at least once a week. It's a tall order, so any ideas or tips will be more than useful.

Today I made a banana and blueberry breakfast omelette for Olly and me. It was delicious, and filled me up until lunch time. I actually didn't think about eating until about one thirty in the afternoon. Result!! Actually I can't take credit for the idea. It was really a fat club recipe from fellow member, Sophie.

Banana & Blueberry Omelette

1 Chop a banana into slices (I like them to be fairly chunky) and add them to an omelette pan that has been heated with a teensy bit of oil (or Frylite). You could also add a little sugar, but the banana will caramelize, so it's not necessary.

2. Plop in the blueberries. They are pricey, but they are a superfood....

3. Beat two of Beryl and/or Jean's finest and add them to the pan.

4. Let it cook. I myself am useless at omlettes (something that causes me no end of distress), so I tend to finish it off under the grill. Is that cheating? Does it make it a sweet fritatta?

5. Cut into two, add a little natural yogurt or fromage frais (fat free of course) and serve with a smile to your eager child. Or snaffle the whole thing yourself, smug in the knowledge that you have just eaten a delicious, nutritious and low fat breakfast. Hooray!

Ok I can't photograph food..

And now you can have the skinny latte in Costa, as a post Tesco treat, almost guilt free. Is anything totally guilt free these days? Is that a pondering for tomorrow?

Anyway don't trust the dodgy pictures. I guess I'm better at a haunting landscape.

Enjoy xxx

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