Monday, 3 December 2012

December Photo Project

As well as other posts, I'm going to be joining in with this: one photo per day for the first twenty five days of December. I'm a little late, but hey......... click here to sign up too.

Today I went walking with Olly and Honey. We were lucky. We got home just as the heavens opened. I found some gorgeous branches that had been felled by this ridiculous weather we've been having. I took them home. One is residing in my bedroom. I have an idea for it....

The other one now has festive lovelies hanging from it. I love bringing the outside in. I love pared down, stripped back natural forms (hence my mania for takings photos of seed heads). Olly loved taking the little decorations out of the shoe box, and examining them. He was very excited by the end result, and keeps pinging the gold bird.

Christmas is coming!!!!

photo of the day - Dec photo project

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