Friday, 28 December 2012

All will be well

I'm sat in bed nursing the remnants of a horrid cold. I am tired and teary.

Post Christmas slump, I believe it's called.

The weather doesn't help, does it?

We long to go out in Betty, park up somewhere, drink hot chocolate, discover another bit of Cornwall.

I yearn to stare up at the sky and feel the sun on my face. To hear the freckles pop out.

I want to potter in and out of the garden. Not rush out, feed chickens, wild birds and then rush back in again.

But I do love my family gathered around me. Marc and the boys. In and out of rooms. Playing, chatting, laughing, cuddling. Sometimes arguing.....

Looking towards 2013:

Holidays. Not one but two. France in Betty. And America!! I am finally going to see NYC.

Hard landscaping. The decking has seen better days. This is the chance to really overhaul my little plot. I am planning and researching feverishly.

Nursery. Olly not me.

Writing. Perhaps. Maybe......

Resolutions? Good grief yes. Always. Usually broken immediately after starting them.

But for now I'm looking back over this year, and I just hope next year brings more sleep and less rain.


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