Wednesday, 5 December 2012

52 weeks of happy 1/52

I have been following this blog for a while now, and have decided to join in with 52 weeks of happy. I like the idea of celebrating stuff that makes me smile in passing, or that gives me a warm happy feeling inside. Someone commented that my blog seems to portray an idyllic life. Obviously my life is far from that. It has ups and downs like everyone else's. I have shared some of that here.

I started writing my blog as a way of celebrating the day to day stuff of mine and my family's life (hence my blog's name). My life is pretty quiet and unassuming. I wouldn't win any awards for daring do. I don't possess any particular creative talents. But quite by accident I have come to love my blog. It's a place that I can escape to and write about all the little adventures each day brings. I love to highlight the good rather than the bad. I can be a bit glass half empty at times, and I write to remind myself that life is what you make it. It's also where I can step back from the day and pick out those wonderful high points.

1. I don't know if this is just a boy thing, there being no little girls in my family, but I had a little smile to myself today as I passed this line of cars. Both Sam and Alfie used to line up their toys - big to little, colour co-ordinated, by type and so on. It would seem that Olly is following suit.

2. Crisp winter days. It has been a lovely afternoon in St Ives today. Trencrom Hill was bathed in sunshine.

3. I took this photo from the car park at the top of town this morning. I love how the harbour is sheltered, and the sea is full of white horses. This view of town always makes me feel lucky to live here.

4. Going for a walk with Olly. One of my most favourite things ever. Olly will walk miles, which is amazing for his age. We try to head out every day. There is always something to see. This is the road to Towednack. We saw ponies, cows, tractors, chickens, a buzzard. We stopped off at Consols Pond and watched a digger load a dumper truck. We came home with a bunch of Hydrangeas to finish off the Xmas wreath for the front door.

5. New shoots. This is one of the Dahlias that is over-wintering in the greenhouse. Come Spring I'll be able to separate all these new plants and increase my plant supply. Who would have believed that I would get so much joy from the garden?

So there you have it!

What has made you happy this week?

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