Wednesday, 21 November 2012


So Olly and me wandered over to Tate for another Hands in Art session. This time we made pictures with tea bags, made a sculpture out of tights and duvet stuffing, made a tent with some fabric and played in the tent with light up toys. Olly had a LOT of fun. There aren't any photos allowed inside Tate building, but I sneaked a few.................

I fell in love with the palm tree in the atrium. 

I'm gonna say it, places like Tate can be very precious. Sometimes I think that St Ives as a town views it with suspicion on the one hand, and disdain on the other. It's seen as a waste of time, containing a load of pretentious crap. Well, yes, sometimes it does. There was a ridiculous concrete block installation that Olly pointed at and said "what's that?" (From the mouth of babes etc....)


I have been to some wonderful exhibitions since it has opened, and been enraptured by truly beautiful works of art. The building itself is a beauty. The family events that they offer are great fun, and it givess one the chance to experience the space and work with your children.

Olly is not bothered by what is and what isn't considered art. He enjoyed being there very much. He loved all of the activities, his initial shyness wearing off quickly. He loved the tea bag painting. He really loved the painting smock he wore. He enjoyed looking at and trying to recognise the colours in the art that was displayed. He liked the echoing building. He ignored the advice of one of the art assistants who told him "not to squeeze the tea bag too tight or it might break" and carried on regardless.

We are so lucky to live in a town that provides real natural splendour for our children to revel in. They can breathe air straight off the Atlantic, and see the sea from their school playgrounds. We also have a fantastic artistic heritage that they can access in a real and meaningful way, through places like the Tate.

And I confess, I enjoyed it too, although I did keep thinking of that French and Saunders sketch...


  1. How have I never seen that sketch before?? Glad Olly is loving exploring in the Tate, I've only ever sat outside and looked at it, but yes a stunning building.
    Stay well and I'll read more soon Xx