Wednesday, 26 September 2012


My life is pretty good. I hold on to those things that matter - the bonds of love that hold me to my family and friends.

I value the little things. They matter so much more. A cheeky smile from Olly. Watching Beryl and Jean squabble over a treat. A bear hug from Sam. Walking Honey on Trencrom Hill. Sharing some quality time with Marc. Laughing out loud at something my friend Liz has txtd. Seeing the look of pride on Alfie's face as he returns from school with a medal from the summer reading challenge. A card from my oldest friend, Jose. Reminiscing with my Mum. Seeing a sea of Cosmos nodding in the breeze.

I feel a huge well of feeling this evening. It may be due to lack of sleep, or lack of sugar. But I suspect it's down to the good people and wonderful things that I am surrounded by.

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  1. Lovely blog but I think you need belgian bun x