Monday, 24 September 2012


I don't know about you, but despite the weather, the weekend has been business as usual. Playing, walking, sailing, gardening, ovine husbandry, eating, drinking and Dr Who.

Saturday morning was spent sat absorbed winnowing.What a lovely word!! The practice of separating seed from chaff. Olly's winnows were quite energetic, but even so, I have now collected seeds from Cosmos, Snapdragons, Clemetis and Agapanthus. I have collected Sea Holly, Stocks and Achillea which are drying in the playroom. Saturday afternoon was a breezy walk in Gwithian, followed by hot chocolate at Hells Mouth Cafe.

Sunday saw Olly absorbed in Lego. It just melted me watching him construct and chatter to himself while he was playing. I was taken back to my childhood when Lego made an appearance when the weather was bad, or Mum was busy in the kitchen. My sister and I spent many hours playing on the living room carpet in front of the fire. The best toy ever!

The garden is slowly dying down for the winter, and this week I hope to plant out my stockpile of bulbs, order more, buy some evergreen shrubs and attempt to take softwood and hardwood cuttings. Beryl and Jean have had their wings clipped, so are no longer able to flee their patch, and lay waste to the borders.

A busy week ahead. Wish me luck. Have a good week too. xx

PS. Did you spot the knitted lady?

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