Tuesday, 14 August 2012

There And Back Again

Away to Bristol for the weekend with Olly. I have missed my family this summer - my sisters, my Mum, my nephews. I also had a yearning to get away from Cornwall for  few days. As blessed as I am to live here, it can get claustrophobic at this time of year. I love the fact that so many people visit. It is a magical place, and I never get bored of that happy noise you hear comming from Porthmeor in August. But it never seems to belong to you during the school holidays.

I love walking along a windswept October beach, or sitting on the harbour on a warm November afternoon. The light is softer in Spring and Autumn, and the colours are muted. I adore the fact that on an unexpected sunny day, we can just traipse to one of hundreds of beaches. Or walk along the cliffs with Honey. And St Ives belongs to us again.

The same feeling is aroused in the garden. In August all the colour seems to be bright - orange, red, yellow. After nearly a year of studying the garden in closer detail, I have discovered what colours I am drawn to, and the type of plant I prefer. I love tall wafty blooms, rossettes of flowers, perfume, spires and spikes. Blue, white, pale yellow, purple, mauve, green. They are all restful, and don't scream and shout when I walk out to see them. This type of flower doesn't show off and demand your attention. But if you allow it, those flowers pull you in and you remain transfixed. I love flowers that have the sound of insects all around them. It makes the garden feel useful and healthy. I can admire their shape and form.

The journey to Bristol was hideous, and I had to turn off at Bridgewater or suffer a nervous breakdown. Waiting at lights, I saw the most amazing sweet pea garden. Row upon row of sweet peas growing in someone's back garden. It was breathtaking. I wish I could have pulled over to take a picture, or chucked some money in the honesty box and taken some with me. Anyway it's given me another idea for next year.

I came back to an even more raggedy garden, dried up plants in the greenhouse and two very fat chickettes.

Apologies for the quantity of photos. I never know when to stop.....

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