Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Girls World

Although I would never consider myself particularly girly, I have struggled with getting myself a girly fix lately. It may be down to the summer hols  and my house being full of my three boys -15, 10 & 2. Their interests, habits and behaviour can differ wildly from my own.

While I love to rough and tumble (yes honestly) on the bed with Olly, discuss the finer points of Robot Wars with Alf and the inner workings of Hitler's mind with Sam, sometimes a girl needs that girly fix. Wandering into the garden can sometimes be enough. But not always. I don't know how many times I have wanted the appropriate response from the boys to something I have seen or done or thought. However if that something is a girly something, I'm not going to get it.

This morning as I waft in from the garden with a particularly lovely sweet pea, I showed - actually I presented - it to Alf.  It was a shade of pinky blue, it smelt gorgeous. In a word, exquisite. Alf merely looked up from his latest robot drawing, and gave me that look. You may know the one. It's the look that says "It's just a flower. It doesn't do anything. Oh and by the way, you are a bit sad." So I popped it into the vase with all the others. I'm sure it drooped just a little. A bit like my shoulders.

I can usually count on Olly for his enthusiasm and support. He is two. He loves everything. This morning he was too busy with his trains and sand pit to be bothered by a sweet pea. He did sniff it, but that was all. I wonder if Olly is getting a little bored of the garden in August. Perhaps I need to start planning for winter sowing and greenhouse adventures?

So I decided on a girly fix pretty sharpish:

I bought some cards. I love cards. I have a box full of them. The best ones I keep for myself. I get them out and look at them occasionally. It's like having your own portfolio of gorgeous images . Only the lucky few may receive one.

I scoured the charity shops and bought another gardening book. This time about creating a cottage garden. You know the kind. Beautiful seemingly hap hazard planting. Romantic hues of pink and lots of wafting loveliness. You get the picture.

I bought some bunting. Ostensibly for Betty. But really for me. Very cute. Very twee. So what? I am a girl. I need that sometimes.

I made lemony fairy cakes. In this I was helped by Alf and Olly. They almost licked the bowl clean, and they have enjoyed eating them for pudding this evening. But for once I got to shake to sprinkles onto them.

I watched The Great British Bake Off, Three Colours, Restoration Home and will shortly indulge in a Wallander. I don't watch telly often. I am usually confronted by Simspons, wrestling or CBeebies. Or history channel war documentaries.

I even used my vintage cake stands, even though it wasn't necessary..

What do you do if you need a girly fix? I'd love to know!!


  1. Easier for me obviously having had 2 girls, 17 and 7 now, but shopping with either or both somewhere quaint like Wells or Clevedon (old shops by the pier not new ones), lunch in a cafe, G have a few favs, I will indulge in a bracelet or 2, a bought bunch of flowers, spoiling myself as few men/boys do now a days, much to my despair! And a new book, cheap from the charity shop. . . . . Xx


  2. Sounds pretty good to me, Nikki. And I buy myself flowers too!! xx

  3. I only have boys too, but they aren't quite old enough to be properly disinterested yet!