Friday, 24 August 2012

And breathe





I had an itch. I needed to scratch.
Suffice to say the first week of our staycation has been wonderful. It has not been marred by the weather, which has been pretty dubious to say the least. We have explored Cornwall in Betty, walked beaches and dunes, skimmed stones, played games, laughed, talked, huddled under blankets and enjoyed being with each other.
How often do any of us spend the hallowed "quality time" with other? For us it isn't often, which is probably very similar to most families. Life is full of being busy. That's just the way it is. So what a treat it's been to have had this week. I have loved every second of it.
The photos are a reminder to myself that I really do live in a special place. They show a favourite walk. It's about ten minutes from where I live.
I am spoilt rotten.
Have a great bank holiday. We camp in Betty next week. Can't wait. xx

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