Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Olly and I got home at about 9pm yesterday, after spending a few days visiting the family in Bristol. We were very busy, and the journey home was rather fraught. So instead of hitting the housework running, I'm having a bit of a lazy morning. All the tea is being drunk, Olly is having some screen time (he's thrilled) and I'm afraid Honey will have to wait awhile for her constitutional.

A few months ago, my camera broke (I dropped it. Shhh), and as it's insured I duly took it along to my local Curry's to have it repaired. In the meantime I snapped away using my phone. They got uploaded to that cloud thing, and all was well. Some appeared on my Instagram feed. A few months down the line, and my camera still hadn't been repaired and returned. Enquiries into this state of affairs revealed that said camera had been lost, profuse apologies given, a brand spanking new upgrade offered with a gift token for £100 as a gesture of goodwill. Officially I was cross. Secretly I did a happy dance.

I treated myself to a kick ass blender, for smoothies and homemade peanut butter (so good), and started to get to grips with my new toy. The buttons are all in different places, and I keep turning it off when I'm trying to zoom. I haven't got the knack of some of the functions, and although it's much lighter than my previous camera, it's not as light as my phone. And therein lies the rub; I've fallen out of the habit of taking it out and about with me. And for some reason, I can't access my uploaded pics from my phone and upload them here. I think that some reason is probably me to be honest. Technology in all it's guises is not my friend. I fall at the first hurdle, I'm afraid. I wish I didn't, but I just don't seem to have the intelligence for what is obviously a very straightforward thing to all of you.

I promised myself that I'd take it with me when I visited Bristol. I wanted to take some pictures of my home town, and write a reflective piece about the place that shaped and moulded me. It was all part of my thinking that I would start to slightly change how I wrote here. I use Instagram a lot. I love it's in the moment charm. I enjoy uploading to the stories, and playing the fool. I have made so many fabulous 'grammy' friends there too, and have found that I get out of it exactly what I want. Some days that may be perfectly curated squares, and others some comment that makes me chuckle. But I digress....

I have been thinking about using my blog in a slightly different way. Yes, there will be posts such as these; those something and nothing posts of mine. But I wanted to try and share a little more formal writing sometimes. If that's okay with you? A kind of tentative extending into the arena that I have talked about for so long, but never really had the confidence to enter. This has been inspired in part by an exchange I had with a favourite author of mine on Instagram, who will be releasing her third book in November.

Her first, 'Love, Nina' is a firm favourite of mine, and one I have read several times over. It has always really resonated with me; her writing style, her sense of comic timing, her sharp observations, her sometimes rather wicked sense of humour. But also the pathos and humanity that she articulates. There are no great flowery words, but there is a depth of knowledge of all things worldly and cerebral. Her background is a similar one to mine, although there are differences too. I have stalked her relentlessly online. On the off chance that she does read this, I make no apologies!

Anyway, what do you think?


So, lately.....

  • Me, Olly, Mum and my nephew visited Longleat Safari Park. It was blooming brilliant. I am now obsessed with the preying mantis. I was struck at the trust the park had in letting children (of all ages) interact up close and personal with all kinds of animals. This trust fostered a real feeling of respect and awe at the animal kingdom; big and small. The keepers were helpful and knowledgeable, and while I would rather these wild things were thriving in the wild, they aren't. Thanks to us. I have hope that this kind of experience might just go a little way to altering that one day.
  • Sam is definitely gong to apply for a Masters in International Relations. I'm not exactly sure what this will entail (apart from more student debt), but the world could do with young people getting involved in its' systems of operating on the world stage. Perhaps it will start to become a thing of flexibility, rather than rigidity. Or am I being hopelessly optimistic?
  • I have once again started buying house plants. My track record with them is not great. Those greenish fingers of mine, don't seem to extend inside the house. However, spurred on by lots of lovely pictures of greenery filling the homes of others, I've bought a few of my own. And they're doing ok, so fingers crossed for a home filled with shape and form and lots more
  • Shipshape Cleaning will soon have it's very own logo! These things are important. Like headed stationary and a bag chock full of gorgeous cleaning supplies, with the right kind of micro fibre cloth. And jeans that won't reveal all when you're bent double vacuuming under a sofa.
  • I have been persuaded to give GOT a go. Sam and I are halfway through series two. There's a lot of sex isn't there? And boobs. I wish someone would have warned me. I'm no prude, but even I squirmed watching a bit of rear end loving with my son.
  • I am seriously thinking about getting another dog. I'm blaming CJ and Gillian.
  • My Mum will be moving back to Cornwall in October. I am beyond happy. She will be living with us until we can find a suitable property to buy. My feelers are already out. Mum will be seventy next year; it's about time she retired once and for all.
  • I've put on weight. Am I the only person to put on weight during the summer months. All that peanut butter may be to blame.
  • My house looks like a pigsty. Anyone know of a good cleaner?

Have a good week, lovelies.

Leanne xx


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  2. Do it, do it, do it. We'll love to read whatever you post :-) oh and definitely get another dog. They're awesome :-) xx

    P.s. It would so help if I re-read stuff for typos before pressing the publish button. Sigh.

  3. I agree, I always enjoy whatever you write. I swore we'd get no more pets unless they did housework, so good luck with another dog.

  4. "rear end loving" lololol!

    My sister has moved to Bristol this year. Loves it. Can't wait to visit her there!

  5. Great idea for the blog, Leanne. I'd love to see more of your creative writing here.x

  6. I always enjoy your writing, any kind, so whatever you decide is cool with me. Looking forward to it. Hey, if you ever come visit me, I'll take you to Santa Fe, where George RR Martin lives, about 45 minutes from me. He's a local hero.

  7. Oh yes, I should love some writing of that sort, I shall very much look forward to it. You know I am a fan of the way you write, the way you say big things in a light accessible way that always has me nodding in recognition. I bought Love Nina just the other day, good to hear you recommend it. The puppy drives me bananas sometimes. But in the evenings the biggest boy and I secretly look at adverts for another one. I think I am now a dog person. A whole new community of dog owning people has opened up. So many new doggy friends! Get that pen out and do a bit of writing my friend, I am so looking forward to it. Bristol would be a great subject I think. Great that your mum is moving to Cornwall, it will be wonderful for you all to have her around. CJ xx

  8. any and all writing will be gratefully have a marvelous way with The Words.

    i've read the first four(?) of the GoT books and watched the first season. that's as far as i got. i got sick of him killing off my favourite characters in the books and the gratuitous nature of the sex in the TV show put me off. I'm no prude either but quite a lot of it wasn't even in the books and i failed to see the purpose of it in the TV adaptation. Other than the obvious, of course. ;)

    i like to encourage other people to get more dogs. we're holding at a single (after having three at one time) as the Last Dog Standing does not play at all well with others. xo

  9. I adored 'Love Nina' - my daughter's friend bought it for her and she lent it to me knowing I would like it. It's also on Netflix - I usually think that books are always infinitely preferable to the film version, but the Netflix series isn't bad. Now that my youngest is at the uni there, I'm getting to know Bristol a bit and love it. Yes please, to more of your writing. xx

  10. I remember Daniel catching up with Game of Thrones and watching back to back episodes, there seemed to be a sex scene on every time I came in the room, so I know exactly what you mean about the squirming. Oh, another dog, how exciting. Will you get another cavvie? They such beautiful dogs, aren't they? I've never regretted my breed choice once.

  11. I'm a fan of GOT but not of all the bosoms constantly on display 😡. I've given up with house plants, they never survive. Outdoor plants suit me better. Very happy to read whatever you write. I was struck by your point about making life small enough to manage. It really resonated xx

  12. Yes, please, more writing of any sort :-) Go for it. My children give me great hope for the future and it sounds as though yours are the same. The world needs more engaged, intelligent, caring people. We have to be optimistic. I'd have another dog in a heartbeat if we didn't have two ageing cats. I think our dog would love a pal. Lovely to have your mum with you for a while. I'm sure you'll all feel the benefit. Sam x PS If I'm ever stuck with technology, I ask a teenager...

  13. Yes please to any writing you plan to share. I enjoy your gentle rhythm of word very much.

    I can't believe Sam is already finishing his studies, ready to embark on a Masters! Time passes far too quickly. His choice of PG programme sounds great. The world needs more people like your Sam. I have hope for this generation!

    I think I have a computer with artificial intelligence, it does all the magic cloud things with photos for me every time I stick the memory card in the slot :-) You can upload photos onto blogger straight from you memory card, have you tried that?

    It is really wonderful to hear that your mum is moving to Cornwall to stay with you and then near you.

    Hope you get some good weather this weekend. I know you are working but cleaning with the windows open and a gentle breeze going through the house is rather nice I find. xx

  14. Yep, I think there's a new cleaning business in St Ives that might be able to help you out - word on the street is that they're pretty good...
    Love your writing so go for it! Always good to catch up with your goings-on! X

  15. Whatever you write here I will enjoy reading. You write so well. I've put on so much weight. It's mainly wine but also ice cream, bread, cheese, cake. It's making me depressed but not so depressed that I want to do anything about it yet.

    Good news on the camera front! I mainly use my old DSLR for taking photos at home and increasingly use my phone for anything out and about. It's so much easier, and of course phone cameras have come so far since I started blogging five years ago. X

  16. That's another good idea of yours to test out the water, so to speak by experimenting with your writing on your blog. I know we will all enjoy it! I have put on weight over the last few months and it just won't come off, why is it so easy to out on and such a struggle to remove it! Glad you will have your Mum close by, she will love living in Cornwall.
    You don't have to look too far for an excellent cleaner! Sarah x

  17. Please please do write whatever you can, I love reading it. Great pics too xxx

  18. would love to follow you on instagram - what is your name on there?

  19. Hi Leanne, catching up on your blogs after a manic August! Wishing you the very best in your new venture, how exciting (and scary) looking forward to reading about your success and your writing too, its all go. Loving your sea photos as always they brighten up my dull scottish weather days :)