Wednesday, 4 December 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 48/52

I'm just having a breather before heading back out the door. Olly has fallen asleep on the sofa. I think he's getting a cold - he's dead grouchy. The lamps are already switched on, as is the heating. The tumble drier is going full whack, and I am thinking about jacket potatoes for tea.

I need to ask you a question: Has anyone else nearly had a crash because they were trying to find the white candy mouse they had dropped into their lap? Honestly I nearly took out a bus stop. I am sooooo ridiculous. But I love those little mice. I usually buy about half a dozen and eat them on the way home from doing the weekly shop. I don't share them with anyone, so don't ask. People have. But they only asked once......

And I want to say a big "hello" to new followers. I'm so used to it being a select audience, that I don't notice the little friends counter go up. And it would seem that you can still join through blogger. So welcome. I'm glad you decided to stick around.

Simple happy things from my week. As always joining in with Jen.

Comfy Cosy

So I would dearly love a proper wood burner or open fire. We did have one when we moved into the house, but it didn't work and we couldn't afford to buy another one. So we blocked it up and forgot about it. Lately I've been thinking how great it would be to reinstate one (Marc will shudder if he reads this). I have this image in my head of hunkering down of an evening, with the fire as a focal point. There will be a mantelpiece with a changing display of crap stuff. It would lend itself perfectly to Christmas too....

In the meantime, in the real world of chez Paxton, we have this. An electric heater in the conservatory. There is no radiator in here, and it can get very cold at this time of year. But it is such a lovely space in which to hang out. It's bright, even on the dullest day. And it does get cosy in there. Of course a crocheted blanket from the 'foss' ladies helps too!


I have been eating so many of these lately. They are at their best now. I love their bright happy colour too. Easy to peel. Perfect for a little boys packed lunch.

Beach Walks In The Rain

It was tipping down this morning, as I walked the dogs across Carbis Bay beach. The wind was blowing my hood down, and my hair was whipping across my face. There were loads of sea birds in the sea. Diving for fish and wheeling around the waters edge. I took my camera, and as you can see the rain got onto my lens as well. I loved it. It was refreshing and exhilarating too.

A weekend in Bristol

Me and my sister in law visited my home town for a spot of Christmas shopping this weekend. It was the best time. We talked and people watched. We drank copious cups of tea, even though we were in Costa and Starbucks. We went to John Lewis and were overwhelmed with choice. We got rather drunk in our hotel room and fell asleep by ten pm. We went to IKEA (hooray!). It was top.


Prepare for some Christmassy themed posts over the next week or so!!!

Leanne xx


  1. I am one of your new followers Leanne - through blogger! I am looking forward to getting to know you as time goes on. xx

  2. Your heater is so cute. I have a real wood-burning fireplace and I do love having a fire on the weekends, but I really wish it were a gas-log. Then I could just switch it on without needing my husband to get the wood and build the fire. I don't like to build it myself. But if we had a gas-log I'd be turning it on by early afternoon every day and the gas bill would be through the roof. Can't win! I love the little oranges too, I have a basket full on my kitchen counter right now. I have done the same thing with food in my lap while driving but in my case it's usually McDonald's french fries...haha.

  3. It does look cosy in your conservatory. I am longing for a woodburner too, after seeing a friend's beautiful living room. We had jacket potatoes for tea, just right for a cold evening. And I did Ikea last week as well. Glad you had a good visit to Bristol. I love the tea towel. I used to live near the zoo - close enough to hear the lions roar!

  4. Hello :) I've just read back though about 4 of your posts ... I'm soooo behind with everyone, and I really don't like that ... I'm a nosey beggar and I do like to keep up with everyone's news. My sympathies re. the fire ... we have a similar situation here. Love the bedroom makeover ... lucky Alfie. And I'm craving satsumas now ... your fault ;)

  5. Loving that sweet fire in the conservatory, I was after one for us, but sadly our pennies aren't stretching that far. We do have a fab electric german radiator in ours and we will never use any other radiators ever again, they are amazing and so effective. I suppose they are built to work in the much colder temperatures than we experience. Your photo of the beach walk in the rain is lovely and I am really looking forward to some Christmassy posts. Lovely looking satsumas and speaking of cravings, I have the same problems with white mice, I can't say that I have almost crashed, but I suppose looking back it has come pretty close! xoxo

  6. Just caught up with this post. I hope Olly did not get poorly. Bet your wreath looks gorgeous

  7. What a lovely happy post, Leanne. I have wood burner envy every winter (we have one of those fake coal type ones) and promise myself that, one day, in our next house, etc... Your weekend in Bristol sounds great I have to say. We have been eating clementines by the dozen round here, I'm sure my vitamin c intake rockets in December. x