Sunday 23 June 2013


This is the roof of my house. To the left is Seagull chimney stack. 

We have watched a little seagull wander about precariously.

We see it's little beak. We hear it's call.

Yesterday there were high winds.

The baby gull fell off the roof.

He landed in the chicken run.

Mum was valiant. She attacked Beryl and Jean. She attacked me. 
I brought the baby gull inside.
It was a knee jerk reaction. 
A hasty rescue and retreat.

The mother waited and called.
Called and waited.
I felt so sorry for her.

Later that day, Mum gave up and left. She abandoned the nest.

I made an impromptu nest for baby gull.
We fed it.
It ate.
Olly named it.
It pooped. And flapped it's wings. And called out.

Twenty fours hours later, it is still here.
Eating. Squawking. Pooping.
Tomorrow it goes to a rescue centre.
If I can find one.

Apparently lots of baby gulls fall off houses.

I am reminded of this book. I take it off the shelf.

This weekend has been rather bizarre. 



  1. Good for you trying to help the baby seagull. I've never seen a baby one before, it looks different than I imagined. I hope you will keep us posted about your new feathered friend!

  2. So good of you to save the baby seagull. It breaks my hear to see them fall off trees and hourse. Hope you find a rescue centre soon!

  3. Great errors there my dear. It's always so hard to know what to do and one feel so helpless in these little situations. Lets hope you find a rescue centre, goodluck! Hope this is a less strange week for you xoxo

  4. Lord, what a drama! You are good in a crisis, I wouldn't have know what to do. I wondered why you took it inside away from it's mother but then of course the mother had no way to get the bird back into the nest. Poor mother seagull, i feel a bit sorry for her. What did you feed "Tony"? I'm curious. xx

  5. I came across this blog after googling about gulls, as I found one that had fallen off wherever it's nest was, today. It was stood at the edge of a road looking a little lost, I put it over the fence into the garden of the house where it's Mother was calling from, to keep it from being run over. After reading around it appears the best thing to do is to put it on any roof near it's nest and its Mother will continue to feed it. I think I'll go look tomorrow and if it is still in the garden get it onto a garage roof or something.