Wednesday, 15 March 2017

And She Was

Lundy Cove

St Minver threw her comb at the Devil through that very hole.
 Apparently she was a crack shot.

'The Moules' where these immortal lines were written

'They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
 Age shall not weary them, not the years condemn.
 At the going down of the sun and in the morning
 We will remember them.'

( For The Fallen, John Binyon)

Fancy weekend gaff

Port Isaac as seen from The Doctors house

Honey Cottage

You find me in between painting shifts. I had a sudden urge to start painting yesterday tea time. Not the most convenient time, but I need to strike while the iron's hot. I've been meaning to paint said items for about six months now, and just couldn't be bothered. Of course, I've got paint splatters on my jeans and new top (Breton, obvs).The jeans are too big for me since I've started running. Apart from the around the waistline area. My stomach is a law unto itself, I'm afraid. Can I blame Olly? After all, it is kind of his fault that my tummy puts me in mind of a deflated balloon. Particularly when I lean over the bath. Although he did tell me the other day that he thought my tummy was looking "less fat." I'm not sure whether to be pleased or not.

Olly will be seven on Friday. Seven! How? He has two big front teeth that kind of stick out, because his other baby teeth are refusing to budge. It makes his little lisp and difficulty in pronouncing his R's more noticeable. I kind of adore it. His hair is still a mass of unruly curls, but has gone the way of his brothers. I miss his golden halo very much. He would like a new scooter, please. One that lights up. He would also like a corn snake. His best friend Finley gave him a leaflet all about them gathered from 'Pets At Home.' Well, that's what friends are for. He may be a little disappointed that I've got him some Fimo instead. I figure he can make himself a snake out of it. We are going to the new trampoline park. I shall be sitting on the comfy cushions and watching all the action. Gravity and three kids equates to... well, you know.

The running is going very well, thank you for asking. I have entered my first 10K run in May. I'm now at the stage of enjoying my thrice weekly runs, rather than gritting my teeth and swearing. I still find the first kilometre hard. I can't seem to get my breathing right. But then, I am able to step up a gear and happily run for an hour. I don't run particularly fast, but I'm conquering the hills (St Ives is all about the killer hill) and my legs are lengthening their stride. I'm conscious of my posture, and try to keep my head up and back straight. And my sprinting days of old come in handy for that home stretch. I'm like Mo Farah then.

All is quiet on the home front for the moment, which is a relief. No major problems. No teen thing that I can't handle. Actually I'm at the stage of denial when it comes to the stuff I'm finding hard to handle. I'm hoping that a bit of unconditional positive regard will set matters right in the long run. Sometimes I mutter 'bugger off' under my breath, but mostly I am trying to adopt a more zen approach. Anyway, I was such a moody teenager. With such a woe is me attitude. The apple never falls far from the tree, eh?

I've been watching, and listening, to our resident blackbird. He's a handsome chap. And his herald to the end of the day is really rather beautiful. I think it's my absolute favourite thing about Spring. Actually it's just as well it is, because weather wise, there is very little sign of it. West Cornwall has been trapped under grey cloud forever. The odd hour of sunshine arrives, and I get all over excited and hang washing out on the line. But before you know it, the damp low cloud rolls back in, and I'm forced to gather it all back in again. In the garden there are lots of loveliness waking up, unfurling and growing apace. I'm walking around and taking note of what needs to be done. I have sowed my first seeds in the greenhouse. The cornflowers have already germinated. I have lots of geranium cuttings and several salvias too. It was my first attempt at trying it, and I'm hooked.

I have been watching Broadchurch. Have you? Rather harrowing, yet compelling. That's the sum total of my televisual participation. An hour a week on Monday. The rest of the time I am reading or staring into space. I find I can kill the whole evening doing that. Sometimes my head is just too full. Do you know what I mean? I crave absolute quiet, and a clearing of the senses. I suppose it's like a form of meditation. The only noise is Honey's snuffly snore, and I find that rather comforting. My ten year old girl is having some trouble with her back legs; they give out every now an again. It may be the start of arthritis, says the vet. Age creeps us on all of us in the end.

Right, last cup of tea before bed.

Laters lovelies,

Leanne xx

(the above photos were taken last weekend in North Cornwall. Specifically the Southwest coast path  between Polzeath and Lundy Cove, And Port Isaac. An unexpected couple of days away with a good friend. She brought champagne. I bought smelly cheese. It was top notch).


  1. Glorious scenery there lady. Can't believe your lad will be 7. Where does the time go? Thrilled your running is powering along. The legs on my jeans are loose too but the waist not so much 😆. Work those hills! Xx

  2. I really enjoyed your post, Leanne. You seem more at ease these days. Good for you with the running, that is really fantastic. I have never enjoyed running and I wish I could. Maybe I just need to try it more often. I can't believe Olly is almost seven! How did that happen? He was a toddler just a few minutes ago. I noticed his hair had darkened in your newest photos. I hope he has a wonderful birthday. My son at seven was so sweet and cuddly, I miss that age with him very much. Hope the rest of your week is good.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful break away; just what the doctor ordered as they say. Seven years old already. Still a lovely enquiringly age, one of my favourite with boys. So impressed with your running. Just about to launch into my first 20 minute run. I'm taking advice from your words of wisdom. No wonder you stare into space with all those writerly ideas in your head. How's the book coming along. Remember you promised me a signed first edition copy :). B x

  4. Loved running, can't anymore. Gives you a lot of headspace - time to think, time to clear. Miss it every day. Enjoy! Sandra

  5. Good post, glad the running is coming together for you, I tried when younger, but it never brought me much joy, so I'm a walker. Know what you mean about needing the quiet, even with no kids in the house I need the peace of quiet time.

  6. Your photographs always make me want to return to Cornwall, grey or not. Wonderful writing - I have missed your posts. Life here too dominated by moody teenager revising for AS exams. Everyone must suffer because of her exams, it seems.

  7. Lovely post. I especially enjoyed the Port Isaac shots - we had a holiday there in pre-Doc Martin days and it was lovely, although I imagine that it's much busier now. Well done with the running; I'm on a bit of a post injury hiatus and I rather miss it. Happy birthday to your lovely boy. We saw a corn snake called Kellog once and they are really rather sweet! I'm enjoying Broadchurch too - I didn't like the 2nd series so much, but this one seems to be better so far. Have a fantastic weekend. xx

  8. I hope Olly has a good birthday and that he gets a scooter that lights up. Did you know you can get ones where sparks fly out the back? The littlest boy's Rs tend towards Ws; his brothers tease him about it sometimes which makes him scream with fury. Glad the gardening is going well. Gardener's World is worth adding to your schedule of televisual viewing if you happen to be around on a Friday evening. Very lovely and calming, all frogs and dogs and close-up shots of bees and dew on blossom. And of course Monty will point you in the way of your jobs for the week. Fabulous blackbird song here too, it's a glorious time of year out there isn't it. CJ xx

  9. Are you painting your dresser? We need photos please! Good grief, do you run up the hill towards the row of B and B's by the train station? I could barely walk up there last time I visited...

  10. Lovely part of the world. I remember driving towards Port Isaac in sea fog then suddenly, as we got to the village, it all cleared and the sun came out. About this time of year too, nobody about. Perfect!

  11. oh. the scenery. you live in a postcard. i have cottage-envy. and sea-envy. mostly a lot of envy.

    my youngest turned 12 last September. i'm still not sure how that happens. i still think of him as a little boy but he isn't...even though he is in a lot of ways....except the whiff of man-boy armpits i caught the other day. that was a bit upsetting. ;)


  12. Hi Leanne. What a lovely post, I enjoyed reading every word. I went trampolining once with Sam and he had the giggles. When asked to explain he said it was that my tummy was bouncing independently from my body. The song of the blackbird is the most promising sign of spring. Glad your resident blackbird is gearing up for the season. xx

    P.S. I'd love to be a pony :-)

  13. Happy birthday to Ollie, seven already it doesn't seem five minutes since he started school. Your trip North looks lovely despite the grey skies. Congratulations with your running I do admire you especially with all those hills! Sarah x

  14. So lovely blog you have, just beautiful pictures from a beautiful place! Yes I have seen Broadchurch, best ever and I love the scenes and the story...
    Have a happy saturday!

  15. Champagne, smelly cheese and a good friend. You could be anywhere in the world and it would be perfect, but I think you chose somewhere just a little bit more perfect than most other places xx

  16. We used to have summer holidays there, renting a house above the cliff between Trebetherick & Polzeath, thought I recognised those views! When my Dad was little they used to stay in a rented flat near the post office... thanks for your pictures!

  17. How have I missed your blog before? It's a massive thanks to CJ who's put me on to you as one of her top blogs. I love the photographs, and I like how you write. Smelly cheese for champers is a fair exchange in my book!