Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tuesday miscellaneous

I rang the school today to inform them that Olly has the pox. He isn't allowed back until next week. I'm quite pleased actually. He's over the worse, and is really rather chipper. So we are going to have a little week of adventures. The weather is set fair I think, so we have each made a to do list:


Tehidy Woods to see the bluebells and hopefully some butterflies.

Plot No. 10 to plant out all the veggies I didn't get a chance to over the weekend.

Bike ride along Penzance Prom.

Godrevy to see the seals.

Harbour beach if it's a scorcher.


Make Lego base.

Do more rainy day activity book.

Bug hunt.

Feed the horses.

Go to Moo Maid ice cream shop

Thank you for all your words of comfort and solidarity on my last rather blah post. My frown has turned into a smile. My moods tend to evaporate quite quickly to be honest. The door that many of you admired was here when we bought the house. It was actually what sold the house to me, the rest of it being rather dodgy. The afternoon light was filtering through it, and it brightened my mood after an unpleasant train journey to St Ives, involving a lot of morning sickness and a four and a half year old Sam who wriggled and wandered for the whole journey. It doesn't lead to Narnia (Gillian). It leads into the kitchen.

I manged to get out for a walk on Monday. It was bliss. Honey thought so too. It definitely helped with the mood. We went for our long/short walk, which takes us along a lane, a stretch of coast path and through fields. I saw a wonderful thing; a fox sat on a low stone wall in the sunshine. Bold as brass and minding his own business. He looked at me, as I looked at him. I didn't scrabble for my camera. I just stood and stared, trying not to move a muscle. After a minute he jumped off the wall, and disappeared from view.

Oh and I managed to get a shot of our resident Blackbird. He came right up to the conservatory door this weekend. Sort of popped his head in to have a nosey. He's my kind of bird.


In between writing this post, I've had to pick up Alfie and his friend from army cadets. They were late coming out. I was listening to music in the car. Actually I was dancing in my seat whilst listening to music in my car. I have embarrassed Alf in front of his cadet chums, so lost in the rhythm was I. I'm never, ever to pick him up again. Ever.


Leanne xx

 (you try listening to that song without writhing around your nether regions.
 It's impossible. I danced out of the church on my wedding day to it).


  1. You must get down to Tehidy, we went on Sunday, the bluebells are wonderful and the little woodland garden. I'm with Olly on Moo Maid ice cream :)

  2. You're so lucky to have these beautiful beaches and woods on your doorstep. We live in Birmingham and make a pilgrimage to Gwithian every summer for 2 weeks in our campervan. Have you been to the wild woodland summer ball at Tehidy? We loved it last year. Your pictures keep me going until August :)

  3. I love the daisy photo, and the one that looks like angelica.
    I also love that you wanted the house based on a door. The one we're buying may well have had me hooked due to a bit of tongue and groove around the bathroom window recess...
    Your plans sound great. Glad he's on the mend. I'm up early ready to do battle with the permanently engaged phone line at the doctor. Once 8.30 strikes everyone rings to try and get an appointment for the same day. Fingers crossed Joe gets better soon too. Looking after ailing children is no joke is it?
    Well done on just watching the fox by the way... These days it seems everyone has to capture everything on their phone or camera. I pictured the whole thing clearly just from your description.
    Hope the weather is kind to you and you get to do all those lovely things :)
    S x

  4. Nice to see Mr Blackbird :o) We had a female in our old house who used to come in through the patio doors while we were watching tv and peck the carpet. She would also land on the arm of the sun lounger when I was in it and cock her head and look at me. Love 'em.

    Glad to hear O is on the mend and I am extremely jealous of the seal potential. Apparently, my mere existence is sufficient to embarrass L, Lord knows what he'd say if I indulged in a spot of chair dancing too! xx

  5. Hi Leanne. Mr Blackbird is handsome! I am glad Olly's pox is better, he'll enjoy some outings with you. I remember we went to the zoo when James and Alistair had the pox. There are thousands of foxes where I live, they come right up to my front door and break the milk bottles the milkman leaves.... my friend had one in the house, it came in through the cat flap. Lovely photos as usual, I really look forward to my summer holiday in your neck of the woods. Christina xxx

  6. I wonder if your blackbird is feeding young, if so you may see baby blackbirds on your lawn soon. Last year one of our blackbird babies fell into the pond and I had to fish him out with a net. He was fine. Your photos of flora are brilliant. I like the one of the clematis reaching for the sunny blue sky. Can't wait to come down to Cornwall soon. Enjoy your bonus week with Olly.

  7. yes time to lift up and have a week of light adventures and simple things :-) X

  8. Leanne, you're a star, you've made me smile with your dancing. You are living all of life I think, not just 85% or whatever I read that most people live of it. I'm glad Olly is feeling perkier now, what a treat to have a week off together, I hope you get through both of your lists. I'm almost certain you'll make it to the ice-cream shop. Have a wonderful time. CJ xx

  9. I've told all my kids that the reason I had them in the first place was to embarrass them at every given opportunity. Now they are big they have turned the tables on me and will try and embarrass me instead. All part of life's rich tapestry I suppose. Glad you're mood has lifted and you've turned that frown upside down:-)


    1. ps

      Forgot to ask what was the song that you were dancing to in your car?

  10. Fabulous!!! It's our job to mortify our children at some point! Your photos are gorgeous as always - you have a real skill there. I'd love a bonus week with my little ones too. Enjoy your list of things to do this week!!! Take care, J9 x

  11. I was banned from picking Harry ever, ever again a couple of years back when I queried the size of some of the kids at the local youth club. They were huge! The mere thought of me actually dancing would put him in a blind panic, I must do it sometime. Glad Olly is getting better, I hope you have a good week now x

  12. Sorry that Olly has caught chicken pox and your weekend didn't go to plan. It must be nice however to have some extra time with Olly! Oh dear you are like so many of us are an embarrassing Mum! My daughter is always complaining about me but still wants to be in my company! Sarah x

  13. Leanne, you sexy thing. :) I dance in the car all the time, I look like an idiot at stoplights. I like your plans for the week at home with Olly. He'll love it. I hope he's feeling better by now. How nice to have a found week together!

  14. I dance in the car and sing very loudly both in the car and at home. I embarrass everyone around me I am sure. I think a trip to MooMaid should be on your list too. I still think about their salted caramel ice cream... xx

  15. I hope it's a been a good week. dancing in the car and singing is payback for the sleepless nights and toddler whinging in my world!

  16. I hadn't been for a visit for a while Leanne (sorry, it's been MY loss, obviously) but this evening I popped in. So glad I did, you always inspire me and I actually read your post on Kernow out loud to my husband! he enjoyed it too. I am positively envious of your life in St Ives, walking on the beach would heal my soul. Enjoy this unexpected time with young Olly, and you sing all you want - LEGEND!

  17. That's where girls come in handy, my two and their chums used to join in if I was singing and dancing in the car, but the two boys were another story. What was the song?

  18. Hello! I've recently found your blog and I love your pictures. I also love Cornwall, and I'm soon to become the only female in a house of males, so I think there will be lots to interest me here!