Saturday, 14 February 2015

How I Met Your Father

See that? That's what happens if you foolishly open the Valentine's chocs when the boys are around.

Gone in five.

Sam asked me how me and his Dad met.

"Well," I said, and gave him the abridged version.

The unabridged version happened thus:

It was the usual; we met in a nightclub in Bath. I was out with my friend, her fella and some very strange dude that he had bought along. I think he was meant for me, but we got off to a rocky start when he grabbed hold of my leather jacket and accused me of murder.

Anyway, we were sat near the dancefloor, when Jo nudged my arm. "Look over there," she said and pointed to this lad walking towards the bar. We looked at each other and laughed. "9.9!" we cried in unison, as the rather handsome - sort of Hugh Grant looking - lad disappeared into the crowd. And that was that.

The evening got worse. By now Jo's fella's friend was sat down in the middle of the dance floor. Rocking to and fro. He may have been in terrible inner turmoil, but I was only twenty three and just felt really pissed off with the silly boy. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked round. It was the 9.9. "You look bored," he said. Lame, I thought. Then he smiled. And that was that.

I honestly can't remember much more about the night, because I was very drunk. But I'll admit to waking up in the morning in my friend Jo's spare bedroom with a rather handsome young man beside me. Jo's Mum was furiously vacuuming on the other side of the door. I looked up and saw the Mr Men lampshade staring at me, Mr Tickle winking. Dear Lord. I bought him home. To my friend's house.

Jo's Mum kindly gave him a lift to the station. He gave me his number. I gave it back with mine written on it. "I won't ring you," I blurted. I wouldn't have dared. In the cold light of day I felt rather embarrassed. It wasn't normal behaviour for me, I can assure you. We hugged and off he went. And that was that.

Or so I thought.

He did ring, and left a message with my sister. She had written his number down, but wasn't sure if she got the last digit correct. I bit the bullet, and rang every different combination I could. No joy. Then a few days later Marc rang again. This time he spoke to my Mum. "Oh she'll be so pleased you rang," she gushed "She's been trying all sorts to get hold of you." Aaaargh. My cool cover blown.

He invited me for a meal in Bath. I took my pyjamas. He made me a bacon sandwich in his Uni flat. Washed down with a bottle of beer. We went out and got tipsy. Laughed a lot. Kissed a bit. I missed the last train home to Bristol. Thank God for the nightwear.


I met Marc in November 1993. He had just started a Masters at Bath University. I had come home to live after graduating from Leeds University. We were young. He was a year younger than me. We didn't want anything serious. We just wanted to have a good time. We had a great summer together. The weather was fab in 1994. As September loomed, he told me that he was leaving to work for a company in London. There was this unspoken thing between us. I don't know who admitted it first, but we told each other that this was more than a bit of fun. This felt different. I moved to London about a month after Marc. No job. No-where to live. Just a feeling that this was the one.

We got married in 1996, had Sam in 1997, Alfie in 2001 and Pops in 2010.

We've been busy.

I love him very much.

Leanne xx


Please don't hold the Hugh Grant thing against Marc. Or me for that matter.


  1. Oh Leanne that's so sweet, what a lovely story of how you met! P.s I do believe chocolates were made for sharing with little boys, that's what my boys tell me x

  2. Awesome! I love to hear how other people met, and don't think I've got round to asking you so thanks for sharing. I wonder if you've told your children the whole story or the edited version ;-) Antonia x

  3. What a great story. You are allowed to keep some secrets from the kids otherwise it gives them too much ammunition to use against you when they get older but ok to share the chocs. They'd tell you they are looking after your waste linr😋

  4. I'm smiling at your sweet and funny love story, I do so like a happy ending. And how lovely to have three boys to eat your chocolates for you. CJ xx

  5. aw. xxx what a great story xxx

  6. You should know by now NOT to open chocolates in the vicinity of children :o) I buy ours a separate box... :o)

    I love how you two met, brought back many student memories I thought I had forgotten :o) Sounds like yours was meant to be. M and I met at a fancy dress party...I was a hula flower girl wearing a skirt that went unexpectedly see-through under night club lights. Fortunately I had Big Pants On. Say no more. xxx

  7. What a lovely, charming story :) Thankyou for sharing Leanne, and happy Valentine's Day :)

  8. What a fantastic story of your great romance! You are obviously meant to be together, I hope that you are together forever! xx p.s. nothing wrong with Hugh Grant! xx

  9. The Mr Men lampshade!! Love it. Funny what details you remember, isn't it? You tell a good story, and it's a lovely love story. Happy Valentine's Day. xx

  10. I love to read these stories. Thank you so much for sharing. Isn't funny how when you know, you know? I was only 20 when I met my husband and knew within a week. It's scary. I was only a decade older than my son is now! I hope he knows young too, I'm actually very glad I had that happen to me.

  11. I love this story Leanne. When you know you just know don't you?
    My oldest girl likes to hear about us when we were children etc but doesn't really get that we (I'm tempted to say had a life but you know what I mean) did stuff before she was born. She was fascinated when I showed her some photos of us on holiday a few years before she was born - "But where was I?" - xxx

  12. Awww this is so lovely, thank you for sharing your love story xx

  13. Hi Leanne. Funny how you just know, don't you think? It has been a puzzle I have been mulling over for a long time now, how we do know. I gather Sam is not reading your blog? I bet the abridged version was less fun! Here is to another century (or so) of happiness! Christina xx

  14. I'm just catching up on my blog reading after being away over the weekend. Great story, Leanne! My question though is, what's wrong with Hugh Grant? :-)