Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Year In Books - May

So late to the party. I'm usually early. Can't bear to be late. It brings me out in hives.

I've already started this one. And I am enjoying it. I just couldn't get on with Half Of A Yellow Sun. Perhaps I wasn't in the mood. I shall have another crack at it later in the year.

I did enjoy dipping in and out of some poetry. I would like to buy this, after listening to an interview with him on Radio 4. I read an awful lot of gardening books in April. And also this book group read. It made me think about the relationship that I have with my sister. We are like chalk and cheese. Would I stand up to the establishment if I thought that something wasn't right? I'd like to think I would.

Linking up with Laura.

I shall be having a good look at everyone else's reads. My Amazon wish list grows steadily longer. Never enough hours in the day.

Leanne xx


  1. There is no point spending time reading something that you are not enjoying or not interested in! You can as you say always come back to it at another time if nothing else. Hope that you enjoy your read this month. xx

  2. Hi Leanne
    I loved "Life after life" but really couldn't stand "Sister". I am not a great water lover but "Dip" sounds like a good read. I have suffered from depression in the past and find it interesting how other people deal with this disease. Enjoy reading in the garden this month! x

  3. I've read a few by Kate Atkinson and liked them but I've heard a lot of mixed reviews. I'll check out Sister. It doesn't go so well between me and my two sisters either, unfortunately. I love them, but there's no common ground. It doesn't help that they themselves are twins. Reading in the garden sounds absolutely wonderful to me, enjoy.

  4. I never seem to have enough time to read, so I know exactly what you mean about not enough hours in the day. I usually manage a few pages while watching swimming lessons, although I have to be careful to see the important stuff like the fancy jumping in. CJ xx

  5. I love Kate Atkinson...hope you enjoy Life After Life. I go through spurts of reading and not reading but the year in books has really caught my imagination and ignited my passion for books and reading again!

  6. ooo im reading this at the moment! Im about 150 pages in and its stressing me out!