Friday, 30 May 2014


Linking up with Gillian. Some happy things from this week.

  • My first rose.
  • Olly out doors.
  • Festival tickets.
  • Relaxing at home.
For one reason and another it's been a trying half term. The weather certainly hasn't helped. We have been treated to a few lovely days, and they have been enjoyed immensely. But when the mizzle sets in, St Ives is plunged into gloom. So am I for that matter. It drains the landscape of colour. It drains me of my energy. It has it's own smell too. It's an unpleasant, damp smell that seems to get up my nose.

We didn't go away. I think I would have liked to. In fact if I could jump on a plane right now and fly to guaranteed sunshine, I would. I was planning on some NT visits, but after visiting Godolphin House in the torrential rain, I was put off. So it has been a pared back break, with simple pleasures being the focus.

We have spent a great deal of our time in the garden. I have been busy weeding and tidying and planting out. The boys have been playing with their toys, or ambushing me with Nerf guns. Apparently the novelty of using my backside as their main target hasn't worn off.  Every morning I wander around noting the tiny changes. I have been watching my roses keenly, anticipating my first flower. And about an hour ago I spotted it. It was partly hidden by leaves, but what a lovely surprise.

The weather may be inclement, but it doesn't stop Pops from wanting to go out and about. He has walked Honey, fed horses, scootered to Auntie Karen's house, collected snails and slugs for Beryl and Jean in the rain, ran around the dunes with his new Spider man toy from Nanny, picked salad and whirly-gigged in and out of the garden. I'm just along for the ride. It's a crazy one, and I've felt exhausted by it at times this week. Nevertheless his happy makes me happy.

Our tickets to Camp Bestival arrived in the post this week. I am very much looking forward to it. We had such a ball last year. And I think a bit of unadulterated fun will go down very well here. Everything seems rather serious and difficult at home lately. I think we could all do with being surrounded by the festival vibe.

The boys have enjoyed hanging out at home. The days start slowly for them. Olly and Alfie have taken to dragging their duvets downstairs and wrapping themselves up on the sofa. They look like two little multi-coloured caterpillars. They have been eating their breakfast while watching Ninjago or dinosaur documentaries (Olly's latest obsession). There has been plenty of reading and making train tracks. There has been den building and baking. They revel in the chance to just be, and it reminds me of my holidays as a child. It's a good feeling that they are happy here.

Simple happy things. We have a birthday barbecue to go to, and possibly a day trip in Betty. Please be good to us, Mr. Weatherman. Have a great weekend everyone. Hope the sun shines for you too.

Leanne xx


  1. Hi Leanne. I know that damp smell well, it is the smell of the West of Scotland. Not today though, blue skies and BBQ smells all around. Actually, it is not all gloomy all the time up here, just exaggerating. We are going through a dinosaur phase, too. It is nice that Olly and Alfie are snuggled up together and play together, too. Nerf guns are just great. We had bullets with Velcro that would nicely stick to my bum.... Have a great weekend, too! I hope you'll find many more roses over the next few days. Are they fragrant? Christina xx

    1. Hey Christina,
      yes they are fragrant. I bought five plants in a sale at the beginning of the year. They have all thrived. I'm thrilled! Xx

  2. I'm glad you've had a relaxing week. It sounds like you've been able to recharge. I hope the rain stops soon. I long for rain and I know it's not so welcome for everyone. Your rose looks beautiful, I love that pale pink color. My kids throw things at my butt all the time. I think it must be a universal thing, all children have to do it. I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Oh the fun of a festival. I love festival season xo

  4. Weather's been a downer here too :-( But the sun is shining this morning, and I hope it is for you too :-)

    Half term- I usually meander between loving having them home, and looking forward to school and routines beginning again! x

  5. Leanne, Have A FAB weekend, I admire Pops for collecting Beryl and Jean's snacks(that thought made me go eurgh)!! so well done to him for handling them. 'cos i certainly wouldn't!
    Take Care
    Sue xx

  6. I'm sorry to hear it has been a difficult half term. I am like you about the rain. I don't mind a good rain once in awhile, but day after day of the wet stuff coming down is oppressive. The rose was a very nice surprise, and hopefully there will be many more in the next few weeks.

  7. Our youngest brought her South African partner to the Uk and Devon for the first time and I was praying for him to see it at its best.... But it wasn't to be. Grey,dreary and damp.:(

  8. Sorry half term has been a little trying, but it sounds as if the boys have enjoyed it nonetheless - sometimes time at home decompressing is just what we all need. I hope you have a nice day out in Betty, I hear tomorrow will be dry, yay! CJ xx

  9. Curse those Nerf Gun bullets! Hope you had a great weekend! I'm off to google what a Bestival is :-) Mel x

  10. Sorry to hear that it has been a mixed bunch of weather and activities. I am sure that the children didn't notice a thing and had a great time being with their Mum and not at school, but it is irksome when you make plans of lovely things to do and the weather throws a spanner in your plans! Lovely that you have your first rose out though!! I hope that lots more follow. xx

  11. Rainy half terms are hard bloody work, whether you're at home or away. I feel like you about the rain. But it does sound like the weather has forced some rest and relaxation on you all and that's no bad thing. Camp Bestival - you lucky lady! xx

  12. I just totally run out of ideas when there's prolonged rain! We ended up woth a DVD and some popcorn!! Hope you really enjoy Camp Bestival :-) That rose is just beautiful!!!!