Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Fledgling Garden

Hello to you all.

What beautiful weather we have had here in West Cornwall. Outdoors weather, without the need for coats and scarves. Bliss.

It's been a busy week in my garden. Lots of to do stuff, which makes me happy and contented.This weekend I have been painting sheds and potting up and on. Now that the house is up for sell, I feel under pressure to get the garden looking spick and span. I'm hoping that this spell of good weather we've been promised will encourage a garden growth spurt. I'm trying not to give in to temptation and buy some ready made annuals from the garden centre. My garden's north facing aspect means my garden takes longer to warm up. The flowers that are in bloom are low to the ground and not easy to see from any kind of distance. I am regretting not buying those sacks of Daffodils last year. At least there would have been swathes of yellow and orange in the flower beds.

I have potted on the Lupins and Sweet Peas, and potted up Cosmos, Cornflowers, Astrantia, Delphiniums, Calendula and more. I am in danger of running out of space soon, and I've not started on the vegetables yet. Some of the flowers will be donated to two friends of mine. They have asked for some help in their garden. I'm chuffed to bits, and will be trotting round to them laden with annuals in the near future. I have assured them that I'm just an enthusiastic beginner, but it's still nice to be asked.

I have fallen in love with my greenhouse again. I have bought some new staging. Cheap and cheerful, but it does the job. I have tidied it up and now have everything within easy reach. I have spent time pottering with seed packets and compost. Sowing sparingly and watering gently. I didn't realise just how much I have missed being here. I find it therapeutic.

I've decided to go ahead with veg planting. It could be months before we sell, and I can always take stuff with me. I don't want to deny myself the enjoyment I get from gardening. And I want cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, salad leaves, shallots, strawberries and blooms galore in the garden.

Last but not least. I've painted the sheds. This is Marc's office. I will festoon it with bunting later this Spring. I think it will look pretty. I like the colour. Very Mediterranean. The shed in Beryl and Jean's area have been painted the same colour. I shall be painting the raised beds, flower pots and more in the week to come.

Spring has definitely sprung.

Leanne xx


  1. I think it's okay to buy a few plants from the gardening centre. Just to give you hope of what is to come! I went through the same dilemma last year about planting vegetables. I didn't know if our house would sell before I could harvest any of them. In the end I hedged my bets. I planted some basic veggies like lettuce and beans, but I spaced things farther apart than I normally would, and left a few open spaces that had nothing in them. That way I figured it would look nice for potential buyers, but if I had to leave before things were ready to harvest I wouldn't feel so sad about leaving the garden. And that's exactly the way it worked out! Good luck with selling your house. :-)

  2. It looks great, Leanne. You're all ready for the season now. I really love the color of Marc's shed, and I agree, very Mediterranean. The color also reminds me of the color people use here in the Southwestern US, as trim on their houses (I have this, and it's in sore need of replenishing, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it). A lot of people use a blue like that, or a darker indigo one, I think they call it the Santa Fe Look. Your garden already has so many flowers, it really looks beautiful.

  3. I think your garden is looking more advanced than ours Leanne. I love the colour of the shed.

  4. Cute shed in blue! Oh... I have been dreaming to have a little green house in my tiny home garden

  5. Oh I am glad you are still doing these posts and getting your gardening hat on even though you plan to move. It will be hard, the limbo of the next few months, but as you say you enjoy gardening so much, why deny yourself the pleasure of a rewarding hobby. Plus you're so darn good at it! Love the colour of your shed. It's been glorious here too, we've been outside nearly all day. So nice. xx

  6. The shed has a very seaside feel, could be a beach hut!

  7. Oh you busy bee, I am so envious of your gardening skills, beginner or not! I have for the first time sowed flowers this year, inspired by your gardening posts. You are right to carry on with your garden despite the house being for sale, particularly if you find it therapeutic. Selling a house is so stressful I find, emotionally and practically with all the keeping it neat and some feel good work in the garden will do you good I bet. I sound like my mother I realise.... but I do mean it! Enjoy painting the raised beds next week. Cx

  8. It's such a busy time of year for the gardener. I've found this post very inspirational, as I'm struggling with motivation a bit at the moment. The weather's going to be good this week though, so I shall try and put in some time outside. Hope you have a good week Leanne. CJ xx

  9. It does indeed look as though spring has sprung in all sorts of ways in your garden!! Love the colour of the shed and it will look great with lots of bunting on it! I think that it is good that you are still gardening, as it will make it seem loved and cared for when buyers come to look round and will give you occupation and enjoyment too, so that has to be a winner all round - and you can eat what grows in the meantime! xx