Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pocket Treasures

The first thing to find it's way into my pocket this year. 

I think it's rather beautiful. 

I found it on the tide line this afternoon.

Olly and Alfie were playing in the dunes.

Marc and I walked hand in hand along the beach.

Sam has gone off to friends and a party.

 A proper teenagers party.

 Oh dear Lord......

Leanne xx


  1. Is it just me, or do you see two little hands holding on to the top of the shell on the right hand side? I hope that you see them! Hope the party went well.... xx

  2. Wow an amazing find and beautifully photographed. Love the sweet hands keeping possession of it. It sounds like the perfect walk and I hope you nerves held out during the party and that he got back at a decent hour. Xoxo

  3. I see those little hands too! Thanks for pointing them out, Amy!
    What a lovely thing to find and such sweet words to accompany it.
    Hope the party boy returned in one piece! x

  4. I hope Sam made it home in one piece. I love this shell, how beautiful. I can't wait to get back to a beach so that I can collect some more.

  5. It's beautiful, so much age and life in it. I hope the party went okay, it's a scary thought that I have this to look forward to. Oh my.

  6. A lovely shell and I would probably have brought it home too. You could start a shell/driftwood/seaglass display jar!

  7. oh look at the little's obviously a fairy shell!

  8. It's a very beautiful shell.
    And how wonderful to pop over and find that you live in St Ives! I've so enjoyed your photos. We were down last summer for the first time and it's such a beautiful place, I couldn't believe the colour of the sea!

  9. Hello Leanne, What a most uniquely beautiful Sea Shell. I love it. Such a beautiful world you live in. Hugs Judy