Tuesday, 14 January 2014


From 4pm until 7pm, this house works like clockwork. We have a routine you see. It is mine and the boys week day dance.

I know that tea will be on the table by 5.00. Olly's bath will be drawn at 5.30. He will have quiet time on the sofa with me and Iggle Piggle until 7.00. Sam will be home from college between 5.00 and 5.30. Alfie will be firmly reminded of homework at 6.00. And again at 6.30. Olly and I will go up to Bedfordshire at 7.00. The light will be out by 7.30, after kisses and cuddles and two (or three) stories.

Olly's new wellies drying on the radiator. He jumped in a puddle right up to his middle.

"Booooooooooys! Dinner!" she yelled up the stairs. (Fishwife).

Cosy lamplight

Can you guess what I'll be making after 
'Bake off for Sports Relief'?
 The Silver Fox is back!

As close as I want to get to Sam's room....

Preparing for bath time 

I will most likely shout at some point. One of them will invariably leave most of their evening meal, and then complain of hunger later. Bickering at mealtime is mandatory. There will a flurry of activity concerning the dishwasher, toy tidying and endless cups of tea. Maybe a glass of wine.

Can't wait for bed tonight. 
Terrible night's sleep last night.

Loving my bright measuring spoons.

Two bunches to brighten the dullest day

Skarloey lying on the windowsill where it's warm

A few remaining toys

Born in a barn. Honestly. Head down and chow.

Countdown to me time has begun. I relish it every evening. They have all of me through the day. But the hours of eight until ten are mine and mine alone. Unless they need help with their homework. Or a chat. Or a mopped brow.

I'm always on call.

Leanne xx


  1. Great wellies!! It is nice that you have a routine and that you all know where you are supposed to be and what you are doing - well, apart from that small homework issue! Hope that you are enjoying sitting down having some me time by the time I am writing this! xx

  2. I love this! Evenings here are pretty busy but they're over relative quickly because mine both still go to bed very early. I love seeing how you do things at your house. This is my absolutely favorite thing about blogging. My garland is on your bed!?! OMG, that makes me so happy! It's like we're hanging out on your bed...I mean that totally innocently, hahaha. Aw, that made my day. You really have no idea. And I appreciate what you said on my blog yesterday. You really have me pegged because that's exactly what I would have said in response. :)

  3. I am in love with Skarloey! and my 12 year old used to be in love with all things thomas the tank...but is now more into Pulp fiction and kill Bill!!
    lovely to have found you....
    bestest to you and yours today
    Daisy J

  4. What a lovely post Leanne. Many similarities here, many. And at 8 o'clock I punch out, and I actually sit down. And breath a sigh of relief. After seeing your comment on my blog about Thomas the Tank Engine, I'm laughing to see that your cat is called Skarloey. And I'm thinking it wasn't you that named him. Beautiful photos as always, and a happy glimpse into a similar life, of making tea, books, tidying (always tidying!), homework and bed. These are good times Leanne. CJ xx

  5. Ooh lovely post today Leanne, not least because we get a glimpse of your lovely home! (surely everyone else is like me? I love to see how other people decorate their homes.).

  6. P.S. carrot cake? my favourite, get the kettle on!!

  7. It does sound cosy even if it is a busy, noisy time! I'm loving those welly boots - they're very cool. I'm assuming your feet are a bit too big for them! x

  8. Sounds lovely and many people will envy your quiet routine. Or perhaps quiet is not quite the word! See you have some Cornish daffs to brighten the place up. I'm looking forwards to our first bunch to remind me that spring is on the way

  9. I've just discovered you blog and already I love it! I also live in Cornwall and your photos are just amazing. Looking forward to reading your older posts, Antonia

  10. Ah, that's lovely. I liked this peek at your routine. It's very similar to ours, although we're finding that the increasing number of after school activities play havoc with my 5pm tea time... You have a beautiful home, you really do. x

  11. love that shot up the stairs and the mirror! oh those quiet hours! xx