Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 Pipelines

Hey, you, Rock Steady Crew!

So The Sound Of Music is on the television. It is belting down outside. The boys are playing upstairs. The washing machine is going like the clappers. The lamps have been lit. Marc is busying himself with useful jobs. I am debating whether to get ready at all today. Perhaps not. Bath, clean jammies and a spritz of Chanel is all that's needed. (Perfume. My one real indulgence).

I've been reading all of your resolutions and reviews and plans and goals and dreams for this year. I've been thinking about some of my own too. Nothing too big, you understand. But I think that 2014 is a year of change for me. I have talked to Marc about an idea that's been swirling around my little mind for a while. He's a good man, and has given me encouragement and gentle support. The rest is up to me.

And there's the rub.

I seem to have rather lost my way since having Olly. My own way, if that makes any sense at all. I love my children, and I love that I can be a stay at home Mum. I know what a privilege that is to be able to be with them, and not have to go out to work. My sister has never had that luxury, for example. Olly starts school in September, which will come around in a flash. I intend to make the most of our time until then, having our little adventures while everyone else is at work or school.

I have been toying with an idea in which I can create and maybe make a little money too. Something that I can do from home, and that I can do part-time. Something that requires little in the way of start-up finances, and that I can do in my spare time for now, and maybe give more time to it when Olly is at school. I'm not being deliberately secretive or anything, but sometimes life gets in the way of plans. Anyway watch this space......................

And we are still looking for the right place to fulfil our ambition for a campsite/small holding/holiday lettings dream. We have seen a few properties last year. One was perfect, but the owner decided not to sell in the end. I am hopeful that she might change her mind. You never know.

I am also very excited to be joining a group called 'Happy Stitchers' this year. There are some very talented ladies in the book group that I am in, and they will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with people like me. I'm very excited about this, and have my first simple project that I would like to make.

Right off to do stuff. That curry won't make itself, you know.

Leanne xx


  1. Ooh! now you have me wondering....Hope whatever is in the pipeline for you comes off Leanne.XX

  2. Good for you, Leanne. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens for you this year. I am sure you will find the right thing. I'm excited about your stitching group too! As of August, both of mine will be in school and I'm planning to start attending a weekly stitching group at the library. I can't wait, it will be the first regular activity I will have had a chance to do in nine years by the time it starts.

  3. cant wait to see what you are up to. happy new year lovely Leanne xx

  4. Ah, Bristol museum, lovely. I do hope that your plans come to fruition, and that 2014 is a very happy and successful year for you Leanne.

  5. Well I'm very excited to see what you get up to this year. I feel a bit the same you know. The twins will be at full time school starting this February and I will still have Flynn at home but I feel there will be a bit more time for me....Being home with the kids is exactly what I've wanted to do but at the same time it's been 9 years since I left paid employment and I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into something again, something for myself. Your stitching group sounds great, I'm thinking of starting one up this year too. Here's to a happy and healthy 2014! Mel x

  6. Happy New Year Leanne! I wonder what you will be doing? My family are married with their own children now, and occasionally I think I need to find something to get stuck into! I did have my own business, with a partner for a few years, but retired from that a year ago. It was a patchwork and quilting shop. Sometimes things seem to become very all or nothing! X

  7. Ooh, how exciting!! I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do. I have been feeling a bit lost since Angus started school in September. I keep toying with the idea of doing something creative from home but can't seem to quite make it happen yet. Anyway, happy new year to you lovely Leanne, I hope 2014 holds treasures and thrills for you. x